My First Experience in No Man’s Sky

So I recently got No Man’s Sky as a type of relaxing game to counterbalance the stress of Overwatch randoms, Nioh being Nioh, and Bloodborne being Bloodborne. First turn on the game and it starts showing you soaring through space. You can move the camera around and look at the different stars of what I assume are the yet to be discovered systems. I start on my very first planet annnnnnnd it’s already been discovered. Which seems odd being a game build around random and endless possibilities that my very first starting point was not only a planet that was already discovered but a system that also was already discovered. Right off the bat it’s a bit of a buzzkill but strangely makes sense. There’s an endless amount of possibilities…including ending up in a place that was already discovered. I just had astronomically bad (?) luck. Also don’t quote me on that cause I’m terrible at math.

Whoever claimed the planet and system as original discoverer had to have been quick to leave the planet. Mind you, the planet was radioactive with the only shelter being the caves and when you weren’t there you might be hounded by the hostile sentry drones. I could tell he jumped systems as soon as possible since practically nothing on the planet was discovered yet. It was really interesting and atmospheric exploring. Kinda felt like an old school explorer. Sure someone else discovered the place but I found out all the details. Soon as I finally get off planet I get to find that the other nearby planets are all for the taking (which I’ve begun to do).

My first planet was a snowy water planet with lots of large lakes which was really cool. Nearly drown and froze to death and on my way back to my ship I ran into some…very mean animals that murdered me. So much for stress free but hey, I got my revenge. After exploring awhile (came back today to keep exploring and I’m at about 66% cataloged) I left my planet Ultrean for the second planet Ultrean Major. This planet was covered in oceans…but instead of freezing cold it was highly radioactive. Needless to say I didn’t stay long. Went through a few ships from both salvaging and trading as well as getting a New Multi-Tool so far and still only on my original (Totally not counting the first one) planet.

It is a semi-relaxing game when things aren’t trying to kill me. Just walking around, admiring the sights, scanning stuff like I’m trying to 100% Metroid Prime, and trying not to horde too many things. Now that they’re done with support patches and moving onto standard updates maybe I’ll be able to do more stuff. But till then I have one and a half planets left to explore. Then after that who knows…maybe I’ll get to find a system as my own since this one has already been claimed lol

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