No Man’s Sky Stream (9/9/2016)

So I really enjoy No Man’s Sky but man do I have a hard time just streaming a single thing for extended periods of time. I think I think too much and get all awkward about what to say and do and then I stall. But enough of my stalling, the stream went fairly well I felt. Not as long as I wanted but I needed to eat (Guess what I’m putting off to write this fancy article?) I finally left the first system I started in and found one that was totally new and undiscovered. So far I’ve found quite a few planets and claimed them all but wanted to explore one in particular. The desert planet I found which was literally the opposite of the frozen lake planet I spent so much time on…or that one radioactive ocean planet…I check out a few places I will probably name off stream and even get in a dog fight or two. I was totally cheated that first time though…But I eventually find the desertous planet and it is surprisingly not as dangerous as I thought it was. It’s WAY more generous then the frozen planet with not smelting and so far has no hostile wild life. I plan on trying to explore it thoroughly in the future since it seems so much more survivable then I initially thought lol

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