Inspiration & Improvement

One of the things I really like about inspiration is the different forms it takes. I’m doing some editing on my old files since the special things tying my multiverse together are getting updated and some name changes. So I’m fixing it and realizing how much better I’ve gotten and how I’ve gotten inspiration on the new stuff. Like how everything is falling into place thanks to hearing “The Evil King” by NateWantstoBattle and by association Ganondorfs shown/implied backstory. It’s so cool having little details like how Ganondorf is sad in Wind Waker and so much more sympathetic then he appeared in Ocarina of Time. How his character development changed. Then I’m looking at my thing and realizing there are some similarities from inspiration but also how I’m gradually giving more character to people now. They aren’t just concepts and referenced figures. They have more concrete depth and are being fleshed out.

You will see

True suffering

Together we make three

So you’re always stuck with me

My hate will cycle and will soon be born anew!

Such a cool line and so inspiring >_< Especially since I created these concepts years ago and the trinity thing fits so perfectly like it’s their theme song. Totally gonna push the trinity angle further and keep listening to this song lol

Also you know, Symmetra getting imagined as a super villain super scientist type is really inspiring a character idea. So there’s that lol

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