New Evolve Speedrun World Record

So for anyone who doesn’t know, I REALLY like speedruns. Been trying for a few years to be able to do one and (eventually) found one in Evolve. In fact I helped make the three new categories (Evacuation Monster Solo, Evacuation Hunter Solo, & Evacuation Hunter Co-op). So far I own the title in two of them but somebody should one day tackle Hunter Co-op cause I can’t alone lol I got the world record in Evacuation Monster Solo (Seriously considering renaming it) at 13:51 in my firstish attempt. I did practice beforehand but it was my first actual official run which was so cool. Finally got to go back and try it with my new idea that you just botch the first 4 missions intentionally then wreck in the last mission. Turns out, it is WAY faster then trying to win the last two missions. Ended up getting a 9:30 and since I was doing it (and had one of my best friends Sixth watching) I decided to do another run without all the rust. So much went in my favor and I reduced it by a full 33 (If I’m wrong don’t blame me, I write I don’t math lol) and got it to 8:57. So cool, maybe I can be a real or at least decent speedrunner in a thing other then Evolve >_< Would be so cool.

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