Current Geist Wars Timelines

So for all you lovely people who surely read Geist Wars (and why wouldn’t you it’s awesome?) you know there are multiple timelines. You probably noticed that some of the characters even have it listed next to them. So I thought it’d be interesting to share with you all the current timelines and their proper labels.

  • TTE-024
    • The timeline where Anima, Professor Lourwood, Z, and Professor Masamune hail from. Only time will tell what comes of this timeline…
  •  TCC-030
    • The timeline that takes place in Cedar City after the Geist Wars. With the invasion of this timeline who knows what it was going to originally hold…
  • TET-035
    • This is the timeline where the “Mythology Arc” of sorts takes place. The peak of when magic, Tartarans, and Prometheans reigned. Circe is the key to what this timeline originally held…
  • TPH-084
    • This is the timeline where you’re introduced to Gen Yun and the Sanctuary of Neo Alpha. What future events could this timeline hold?

Expect to see more timelines in the future. So similar and yet so different. Exciting isn’t it?

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