Slight change of plans

So I have a number of series being simultaneously written which is good. Buuuut some characters need a bit more fleshing out as does the whole multiverse thing. I have A LOT of details for that fleshed out but I need to update before I can properly continue with the rest of this stuff. Wouldn’t want any multiversal based plot holes now would we?

With that said, I’m gonna keep working but for a bit I’m putting that one section a week plan off longer so I can properly plan out all the chains of events. I will say that I did actually finished a one shot in the event one series gets officially cancelled so that’ll hit the editing process if it comes to that which could be neat. But that may or may not happen. Regardless, the plans for the big picture will be cemented properly before we go back to deal with the small scale.

Also keep an eye on WordPress for something special I’ll be doing exclusive to here…

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