Notes of Roanoke #1: Shock

I pray that no one will ever find this. But if you are reading this then I hope it will help spare you the fate we are enduring. That maybe you’ll have a chance. My name is Solomon the Empathetic, the Sage of Light, and it all began one year ago…There wasn’t anything of special note at first. The birds sung, the sun shone, and the Aether flowed freely. My home, Roanoke, was the same as it had always been. My dear wife Hasani the Songstress tended to our newborn son Juno of Atlantis. I was on my way to meet with my fellow Sages when it began…the eclipse…We had eclipses in the past but this…it not only blotted out the sun but the very sky itself. No matter where you went the same darkness followed. As one of the Eight Sages who watched over and protected the world for the Elementals, it was our duty to learn what this was. Cara the Persistent, Sage of Lightning, suggested it might’ve been a high-level spell. One far stronger than something any one of us could accomplish. The Aether still flowed but it was now different…it made us feel uneasy…If only we realized it sooner maybe we could’ve changed what was coming…Slowly town after the town began falling to paranoia and madness. Attempts to use basic spells were now tapping into not only our normal Aether but this new type we dubbed “Abyssal Aether”. The Aether of darkness that consumed, destroyed, and permanently tainted anything it touched…As beings of Pure Aether, the Sages were immune. Kane the Brave, Sage of Fire, left to investigate people who might’ve been strong enough to create such a spell. We remained in the Kingdom of Atlantis and erected an Aetherial Barrier to protect all those inside. Thankfully, it worked and the people rejoiced. Their lives would never be the same but they were strong and would try regardless. So long as our barrier stood the Abyssal Aether was kept at bay…But I knew it wouldn’t last…I was the only Sage capable of using Aetherial Empathy and was the only one who realized that just outside of Atlantis’ barrier, outside of all our barriers, there was something watching us…

-Solomon the Empathetic

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Notes of Roanoke #2: Denial

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