Return to Old DLC

So I started DCUO back in 2012 on PS3 before the Fight For Light DLC came out and I really got into it. I consistently bought the DLC up to the War of Light Part 1, skipping only Sons of Trigon and Amazon Fury Part 1. Back then I…wasn’t so good…so I never even got past the Fight For Light DLC content (and due to issues unintentionally killed my main character). So now I finally made it to the Battle for Earth DLC, granted I’m actually up to Sons of Trigon but hey I’m finally recording this. So this Raid was pretty fun. Not as murdery as Khandaq was when I first started which is nice. I can actually be of value and I know how to be a Controller. Now enough talk, lets keep Brainiac from opening up Amazonian Hell!

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