Notes of Roanoke #3: Anger

At first, I didn’t bring the creature directly into Atlantis. We initially just roamed the edges of the kingdom. I didn’t want to alarm the others, but I also had to inform the other Sages. Not to say I didn’t trust them but I knew some would be more willing to accept the creature than others. Danforth the Benevolent was catching up with Kane the Brave and I had no idea where Marian the Compassionate was. Zi’ Rol the Merciful, Sage of Ice, was my next best option. Though it didn’t take long, Zi’ Rol was a werewolf from the now lost Mountains of Kazo. It snowed year round and was a truly magnificent sight to behold. But I digress, the second he smelled the creature he came to us to investigate. He took my discovery as well as expected…For someone called “merciful” I forgot how strong his right hook was. Though I guess he could’ve easily done far worse…I still miss him greatly. He agreed that there was much we could learn from the creature. However, he thought we should do so cautiously. Zi’ Rol left to bring back the other Sages while I remained with the creature. The creature never for a second stopped gazing at Zi’ Rol through the entire conversation and continued to stare in the direction he left. It didn’t take kindly to Zi’ Rol punching me…Maybe if I had treated it more seriously he’d still be here today…

-Solomon the Empathetic

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