Notes of Roanoke #5: Depression

Following my suggestion, Marian the Compassionate was next to teach the creature. She was always the kindest of the Sages and though she’d never admit it one of the oldest. She was also the only royalty amongst the Sages. As ruler of the Elven Queendom of Ys, an island nation to our south, she led her people with a kind and gentle hand. Despite having her duties as Queen, she would often leave the borders of her kingdom to aid her allies directly. Letting her most trusted subject lead in her absence. I remember Ys well. The magnificent lakes that gave it its name. The hidden groves where I first met my wife Hasani. Perhaps if she had never come here Ys wouldn’t just be a distant memory. Now that Atlantis was her new home, she taught and watched over it like she once did as Queen. Walking the streets of Atlantis to ensure all its people were cared for. The creature seemed to understand what she felt. The concern she felt for what remained of her old home. The worry she felt that what befell Ys might befall Atlantis. Sadly, “understanding” what compassion was and what she felt didn’t mean the creature actually cared about it in the least.

-Solomon the Empathetic

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Notes of Roanoke #6: Testing

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