Notes of Roanoke #6: Testing

We had planned for Danforth the Benevolent to teach the creature next but he still wasn’t ready to leave Kane the Braves side yet. Instead, I turned to J’zo the Pure, Sage of Earth. The youngest of all the Sages, J’zo was a young Chorsingh from the Empire of Patagonia. She had lived a largely sheltered life and looked at the world in the best possible light. Never for a moment while we were trapped here did she lose hope. Always believing that everything would end well for us. Some considered her naïve but I found it endearing. She helped offset the cynicism even the Sages and our Familiars weren’t immune to. I believed that the two youngsters would be able to find a common ground. In the end, I was the naïve one who doomed us…

-Solomon the Empathetic

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Notes of Roanoke #7: Acceptance

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