Notes of Roanoke #7: Acceptance

Before we could teach the creature anymore that man appeared…The one who’d be responsible for killing all my friends. He called himself Tialgo of Vineta, a psychic dragon from the north. He was the only living soul aside from the creature who came from beyond Atlantis’ barrier. Taking care of him was our first priority. Entering the barrier had purified him of the Abyssal Aether but we were unsure of any other issues he may have had. I offered to watch over his recovery alongside our primary doctor, Forshune the Priestess of Loulan. I let the other Sages continue attempting to teach the creature while I talked with Tialgo. As a dragon, he had could use the Aether to shapeshift into a human form like my own. Using that and his psychic powers he hid from the populace. Surviving off what food he could find. It made sense, between the natural hardy nature of the Dragons and the mental strength he possessed it was possible he could’ve survived as long as he did. From what we could tell there was nothing physically wrong but there was something about his eyes. It was as if he looked through us like we weren’t even there. Like we were beneath him. What could’ve happened to make them so?

-Solomon the Empathetic

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Notes of Roanoke #8: Relapse

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