More WordPress exclusive on the way?

Possibly, as I was writing for Project: Fantasy I’ve been thinking of possible side stories to go alongside the Notes of Roanoke as a WordPress exclusive. More things to expand on the worlds lore outside of what’s already being included with the standalone release. My idea right now is to release it a short time after the full book is done, which will hopefully be ready for editing by New Years. HOWEVER, if Notes of Roanoke reaches it’s end before this stories release I’ll probably post it anyway. Basically I’m going to try to have two things active at once: one WordPress exclusive and one novel being written. The other stuff will be there but I’ll try to only actively write for one to prevent burnout.

So to summarize and keep it from being confusing

  1. One novel will ALWAYS be actively written. However, this doesn’t mean it will always be the same story. Just that there will be one getting written for constantly
  2. One WordPress exclusive story that will tie into one or more of the novels. For the time being I’m just going to focus on one WordPress exclusive thing at a time. This will be released weekly.
  3. When Notes of Roanoke ends a new story will be started to take it’s place on WordPress
  4. If Notes of Roanoke finishes before Project: Fantasies release the next WordPress exclusive story, which is planned to be released after Project: Fantasy, will just be posted anyway so there is a consistent flow of content.
    • Note: This may change if a new WordPress exclusive gets planned out

Hopefully this wasn’t too confusing and my fancy summary made it easier to understand. Overall, yay potential new content and I’ll try to always have at least one series active on WordPress at a time.

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