Notes of Roanoke #8: Relapse

While I was busy I heard that Danforth and Kane were the next to try and teach the creature. I trusted the pair with my life and focused my energy elsewhere. Tialgo didn’t particularly seem to like to me, though I assumed it was the result of his isolation for so long. He did, however, show a fondness for Forshune. I’d talk to him through her. He was intent to help her and he suggested a risky idea. He could provide a mental link with the creature. By doing that he hoped to teach the creature how to speak our language. If he could do that then months of teaching would now mean something. I will admit I was overzealous and optimistic at the idea. I allowed him to meet with the creature so long as all the Sages could be present. He begrudgingly accepted and attempted the mind link. In less than a minute Tialgo screamed in agony and collapsed. He went into a coma and Forshune had him taken back to her office. I don’t know what he saw or if this was what changed him but he succeeded. The creature said its first word “Solomon”. I immediately took to teaching the creature the proper ways to speak. It knew how to speak mentally but its body couldn’t quite perform the task. So it fixed itself. Its body began to change. It gained a defined humanoid shape albeit with no details. Just a blank slate. From that moment on he was no longer “the creature”. From then on I renamed him as Eodeb after Eodeb the Lightbringer, my Elemental parent. The other Sages were more concerned about what had just transpired. Tialgo was now in a coma and we can only suspect whatever was inside Eodebs mind was what did it. But my only interactions with him had been negative and at least now he was being useful for something. I shed no tears for him. I had more important things to focus on. We could finally solve the mystery of how we came here now. That’s worth one life isn’t it?

It seems I’m becoming increasingly not like myself. I’m wondering if the Aetherial Barrier ever fully protected us or if all it did was slow down the madness. Maybe our initial exposure was enough? I’ll do all I can to finish these entries and solve this mystery before my mind slips from me entirely.

-Solomon the Empathetic

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Notes of Roanoke #9: Breakdown

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