Road to Improvement

So how about that Overwatch? It’s…a thing…either you love it or hate it or you know…both depending on how matches go. I’ve been playing since Ranked Season 1 but this Season I’ve tried something different. Aside from watching videos and learning like I have in the past (like watching tourneys and keeping up with the meta) I found a fancy chart that keeps track of your stats. This is what I have so far

Clearly I like Mercy a lot

I don’t know why but having this here seems to have been making me do better. Not that I was particularly bad. I’m not the most accurate but when you’re a Support main and sometimes Tank/Turret based person you don’t really need it. Unless you’re Zenyatta or Ana and yeah…I’m not touching those two anytime soon unless I’m desperate. Maybe being able to see and accurately pinpoint where I’m successful and where I fail is helping improve. Maybe I’m just a better player now or perhaps a mix of both. But it’s pretty cool to actually being able to do better and have fancy proof of it. Who knows if I’m lucky maybe I’ll get into Diamond League. At the very least to get my first golden gun.

Not really a fancy long article just thought it was interesting that progress can be made just by seeing how you’re doing and not banking entirely on just remembering it all. And by remembering it I mean remembering that one team you hated

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