Writing Update (12/4-12/10/2016)

Status key

Concept- I am planning to do this series but it’s still in the very early stages

Planning- I’m deciding on events, characters, and other miscellaneous details

*Chapter title* In progress- I am actively writing for it

Reformating- This story was already completed to an extent in screenplay form and needs to be converted to novelization

Revamping- This story is being overhauled because of new plot ideas and/or to fit properly in the multiverse

Editing- I’m going back to tidy up my writing and make it better

Hiatus- The story has been temporarily postponed either because of focusing on another story, issues with the plot, or simply being unable to currently write for it

  1. Videos
    • Ultronimus plays Overwatch Episode 18 posted
  2. Notes of Roanoke
    • Entry 10 posted
  3. Project: Fantasy
    • Full race/species list completed
    • Section revamps
      • Outfits added
        • Hot Weather Gear subsection added
        • Cold Weather Gear subsection added
      • Species/races completed
      • Ambience completed
      • Spells completed
      • Characters in-progress
      • Locations in-progress
    • Rewriting temporarily postponed

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