Notes of Roanoke #11: Despair

A vast majority of my time after that was spent fighting an endless Army of Angels. There was never a moments peace and I began to reach my limit. But I pressed on. If I fell it wouldn’t be long till Forshune followed…I’m still having trouble believing what came next. He made the Angels as varied and unique as the inhabitants of Roanoke. This meant that some followed him for selfish reasons. In this case, one hundred and eight decided they didn’t want any part of Iblis’ revenge. If it weren’t for them we’d have surely died. Their leader called themselves Malum Scienta. It was…well…I’m not quite sure what it was. I passed out when it tried to speak the first time. When I awoke another Angel, one slightly less horrific, spoke to me like it’s translator. Then I learned things that sparked me to write these…

Malum Scienta told me that Roanoke was just one World of many. Each World was unique in its own way. Some similar in all but a single facet and others dramatically different. All were connected through The Rift. At first, I thought I had just doomed my World by assisting Iblis. But to discover I may have doomed all of reality…Even now I feel there’s nothing I can do that will make up for this…We managed to hold off Iblis’ forces for a week when Malum Scienta proposed a plan. We both knew we couldn’t kill Iblis and he could easily remake Angels. But we could significantly weaken his army if we were to put down Tialgo. Without him, they wouldn’t have a general that could link their minds together and keep them in check. We were ready to make our move when our plan fell apart. For reasons I still don’t fully understand, a tear in reality appeared. Malum Scienta called it a Void Gate and said it could lead to any and all other worlds. Not only were we already fighting a losing war but now we knew after we fell there was nothing keeping them in The Rift…

-Solomon the Empathetic

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