Notes of Roanoke #12: Surrender

I no longer have the strength to fight…the most I can do now I finish writing this final note. We failed…when the Void Gate opened we knew we had to face Tialgo. But we were wrong…we thought Tialgo was leading the Angels as Iblis’ right hand but he was just another grunt. The true leader was Nigrum Vastator. He leveled our forces in seconds. We didn’t even slow him down. Everything spiraled out of control. Forshune and I shone our light as brightly as we could and all we did was make him flinch. The next moment I had a hole in my chest. I managed to cut the beasts right eye and blind him. The few survivors were able to flee back to the shelter but I was bleeding out. Forshune was able to heal the external but my internal injuries remained. By the Elementals…It was horrible before but we stood a chance.

I believed my notes would be able to help whoever read this but what use is it now? The Eight Sages barely stood a chance against Tialgo and even with 108 Angels by my side I didn’t even slow Nigrum. When I started this I thought I’d be giving you a hope for survival but I was wrong. If you’re reading this then in all likelihood it’s already too late. At some point, a Void Gate had appeared and it’s only a matter of time before the Angels find a way through. They will show you no mercy…pray that it ends swiftly or madness takes you. Sanity will be your curse and fighting will just delay the inevitable…

-Solomon the Empathetic

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