Writing Update (12/11/2016-1/19/2017)


  • Ultronimus plays Overwatch Episode 19 posted


  1. Notes of Roanoke
    • Entry 11 Posted
    • Entry 12 Posted
    • Entry 13 Completed
      • The finale to Notes of Roanoke will be posted next week. Are you excited? If you liked it and want more WordPress exclusive series do comment and tell me. I’ve got some cool ideas in store
  2. Project: Fantasy
    • Chapter 6 Completed
    • Chapter 7 Started
      • I will go on record and say I don’t have a huge idea how many chapters will be total but hey! You still get an idea how many are in it as I slowly update this more and more
    • Section revamps
      • To help streamline my writing process I use OneNote and keep everything in different sections. As such I update them and keep it nice and easy to track.
        1. World lore updated
          • As more and more stuff is added the lore for the world is expanding. Overall when all is said and done it should be a much more complete work and feel more authentic and interesting.
        2. Outfits updated
          • As a visual arts major, one of the main things I focus on is character design. This means giving everyone a unique outfit that may or may not actually play a factor in scenes. This is where the new Special Gear subsection got added for outfits that are for unique scenes and may not actually appear a whole lot.
        3. Species/races completed
          • Being a fantasy story there are a number of species and races that are set to appear. As such I’m hard at work to make sure each has their own unique naming conventions so you can easily tell them apart. Downside of writing is you can’t always get the visuals across but with this it should be easier without blatant references every other line.
        4. Ambience completed
          • Normally I wouldn’t do it but I’m giving a bit more of an inside look this time. Ambience is going to be one of the three powersets that can appear. Ambience is more naturally charged to counter the next thing. Ambience, simply put, lets you do ninjutsu. So yeah, there will be ninjas! There will also be pirates…I make no promises that I’ll give into that Ninja vs Pirates meme…
        5. Spells completed
          • What’s a fantasy story without magic? I’ve updated and refined the spells section by the elements they fall under and as of a few days before posting this added mixed spells. I’m further refining how they’re made and interact with the world around them so it should be a bit more interesting than just spell slinging.
        6. Auras updated
          • Auras are another set of abilities I made inspired by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Much like the Geists in Geist Wars they can manifest themselves in a variety of forms and abilities that fit the individual. But unlike in that these have almost exclusively animal forms. Auras that act like Geists…Strange…why does this seem familiar?
        7. Objects updated
          • Another thing I’ve been diving into thanks to writing Notes of Roanoke is the idea of ancient relics and other mystical pieces of gear.
        8. Characters in-progress
          • Ever hear of the trope Loads and Loads of Characters? Well that is starting to apply and given the scope of the world it really fits. I’m aiming to have a wide cast but not have it be overwhelming. Or at least I’m aiming to find a balance for it all. And unlike say…Attack on Titan I won’t give you a huge cast and have 99% of them be jobbers.
        9. Locations in-progress
          • So with the aid of good old RPG Maker MV I made a world map for this story (which will be included). As such all the big places are already named and placed but I’m adding numerous smaller ones that are considered small towns. They’re also being elaborated on which should really be cool.

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