Notes of Roanoke #13: Reset

Update: Mystical organic designated, Solomon the Empathetic, has expired.

Explanation: Attempt to seal Void Gate required Solomon the Empathetic sacrifice both his physical form and the Elemental of Light to form location, Zero Pillar.

Process: The Zero Pillar would use the pure Light Aether to counteract the Abyssal Aether Angels possess. By piercing the Rift Gate itself it’d transcend reality.

Result: Successful.

Duration: Optimistic.

Concern: Zero Pillar will only last so long as Solomon’s will remains.

Note: Solomon had succumbed to despair before this one made him create Zero Pillar.

Risk: Zero Pillars stability is in question. It is unlikely to last for eternity.

Plan: Create safeguards in the event of Zero Pillars collapse.

Safeguard One: Survivors of Roanoke will be transported to a recreation, an alternative version of itself. Should the Zero Pillar fall, the Notes of Roanoke will find their way to it.

Intention: They will know of what came before them and be better prepared.

Safeguard Two: Aether of the 108 Angels who died fighting Nigrum Vastator will be sent across the multiverse via Void Gate.

Intention: By gathering those 108 individuals they will be able to withstand The Rift.

Note: This one will not remain in this World further. Without other Angels, this one will be unable to communicate. Until a suitable one can be found, this one shall remain dormant.

-Malum Scienta

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