Writing Update (1/20/2017-1/26/2017)


  • “Short Nioh stream” video uploaded
  • “Nioh Last Chance Trial Die%” video uploaded
  • “Ultronimus plays Overwatch 35- Healing Shiv” video uploaded


  1. Notes of Roanoke
    • Entry 13 posted
      • Took awhile but Notes of Roanoke is finally done. I know the ending may not seem like much but I’m quite proud of how it came out and fits the idea of being notes written.
  2. Project: WordPress
    • Planning has begun on the next series to be posted to fill the slot for Notes of Roanoke. It’s gonna have actual chapters posted so it might take a bit longer. I haven’t decided if I’ll put out more short things to fill in that void or just wait between posting this. Eitherway, a whole new series is on the way!

Future WordPress plans

  • I’ve begun planning on at least one WordPress exclusive entry per series I’m writing. It may mean it takes a bit more time between uploads but as a whole I’m confident it’ll please everyone. The main weekly/bi-weekly focus will of course be Project: WordPress which will be uploaded as soon as I am able to

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