Aetherius Saga Prologue

Near the center of the land of Zeratal sat a mystical kingdom protected by a ring of mountains. The Kingdom of Elysium was home to the scholars of Endymion. All walks of life would come here to learn about the world or more importantly the art of spellcasting. The Dragons who lived here acted as bodyguards while the Fairies of the nearby Kingdom of Alteria helped as the staff. The main staff and inhabitants, however, were the Chorsingh. A peculiar species reminiscent of a Meerkat albeit with quills, opposable fingers, and a prehensile tail. Their intelligence was renowned across Zeratal despite their small stature. The greatest of their kind, Zam the Persistent, acted as both teacher and archaeologist.

He sat in his office atop a pristine mahogany desk. But that was the only thing pristine about the room. A number of books, papers, and assorted relics lay scattered about the room haphazardly. A woman with a black ponytail stood alongside a small boy with short light brown-red hair. As a member of the Trelza species, he possessed a noticeable catlike tail and ears. Both of which had light brown-red spots matching his hair while his ears had black fur on the tips. Both wore a matching family crest on their person. The woman over the heart of her padded kimono that was white with golden cloud designs. The boy had his on the back of his white vest tunic which also bore identical golden cloud designs.

“Legend states that there was once a time when the world was created and watched over by eight Elementals; the Water Elemental Neith, the Nature Elemental Gaia, the Fire Elemental Agni, the Air Elemental Stribog, the Ice Elemental Charon, the Earth Elemental Enki, the Lightning Elemental Ukko, and the Light Elemental Eodeb. Until the day a Dark Deity rose and the world fell into darkness. Eodeb sacrificed themselves to save the world and so the other Elementals could live on. Although there isn’t much proof to support this was the case. Then again there is a lot we don’t know about this world…” Zam drones off into incomprehensible muttering.

“Zam…” The woman sighs to get the man back on track.

“RIGHT! Now where was I? Oh yes. I take it you haven’t forgotten the Legend of Roanoke correct?” The woman nods at the question but the young boy remained still.

“Um…” He says lowly trying to think.

“It’s okay if you forgot Rai.” The woman assures him.

“Sorry Lei…” Rai replies with head  and ears low.

“It’s fine. I covered the main stuff. What I’m interested in is what the legends imply.” Zam puts the tip of his fingers together to form a pyramid. “If the legends are true then there’s much more to the Uncharted Territories then we’ve been led to believe. Not just that but that means there are even more ancient civilizations to be found. Which is where you come in. There’s a number of legends and possible sites I want you to investigate. I’d do it myself but duty calls. Although I suppose I could just quit teaching to do it…Not like there aren’t other Sages helping the world.”

“Zam.” Lei says once more to interrupt his ramblings.

“RIGHT! Where was I?”

“You wanted us to investigate legends and possible ancient civilizations.”

“Rightrightrightrightrightright. So, main thing I want you to do is find out if the legends have any truth to them. If you find the ruins you can investigate further but more importantly find any relics of value and return them here. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that ancient super weapons are best left in the vault.” He warns while scratching his right ear.

“So you just want me to go?” Lei inquires.

“Well it’s dangerous to go alone…so I assumed you’d bring Rai. But just in case you should take…” Zam leaps from his desk, climbs atop a book case, and drops a staff with the symbol of the eternal knot at one end. Each bend a different color seamlessly merging into the other. Red into green, green into cyan, cyan into yellow, yellow into brown, brown into black, black into purple, purple into blue, blue into white, and white into red to complete the cycle.  “…this. It’s the Staff of Nirvana and can control the weather. Just make sure you’re calm and focused when you use it. Although it can be a bit fickle and or explosive if you aren’t. In any case it’s just a basic investigation and relic finding not a full excavation. I’ll handle that after.”

“I’m not sure I want to risk Rai like that.”

“Aww! But I wanna go with you sis!” Rai complains with doe eyes.

Lei tries to avoid his gaze but fails. “Fine, you can come with me.”

“Yay! I won’t let you down!” He gives a toothy grin alongside a salute.

“We won’t let you down.” Lei salutes back.

“Perfect! And I know just the place for you to start.”

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