Writing Update (1/27/2017-2/1/2017)

Right off the bat you’ve probably noticed a weebit of a visual change to my blog. Well when a new series takes the focus I’m gonna switch the banner to match it and naturally add it officially to the current projects list. That way it has a little more visual flare and fits the primary focus. With that said, let’s move on!


  1. Ultronimus plays Star Trek Online 1 Posted
  2. Ultronimus plays Star Trek Online 2 Posted
  3. Ultronimus plays Star Trek Online 3 Posted
    • I’ve been really enjoying Star Trek Online but in the future I’m considering just leaving it to streams over recording every step of the way. It should be easier for me to do as a whole this way and less constricting. Especially if a mission goes long nothing will get cut off.


  1. Aetherius Saga Prologue Posted
    • Well the proverbial cats out of the bag. Aetherius Saga is my next novel and to build up hype and the world you can expect some more tie-ins being done beforehand.
  2. Aetherius Saga Stormraiders Started
    • The first of those tie-ins I was talking about earlier. Specifically ones focused on both important main characters and supporting characters. They’ll help build up the world and expand it in ways that will sometimes be more specific than the official novel when it’s released. So while you “should” read them before the official novel comes out. It’s not absolutely necessary and there won’t be any plot holes (small or large) made if you decide to pass em up or take your time. Brightside is the tie-ins will be on WordPress and totally free so you can always come back later and not have to worry about paying. As fun as it is to read tie-ins Marvel style it’s kinda costly to try and get em all just for the one story. So this is like a nice user friendly version.

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