Zeratal is the planet created by the Seven Elementals; Neith the Wavebringer, Gaia the Naturebringer, Agni the Flamebringer, Stribog the Airbringer, Charon the Frostbringer, Enki the Earthbringer, and Ukko the Stormbringer. Each Elemental brought to the world their Aether, the magical energy that flows through every creature or object. Each of the Elementals choose a region of their own to watch over.

Neith the Wavebringer harbored the Blue Aether of Water. With it she created the lakes, seas, and oceans. With the Colsana Ocean covering 95% of Zeratal, she by far has the largest territory on the planet. However, she is a compassionate Elemental and does not abuse this fact.

wordpress-1-gaia-territoryGaia the Naturebringer harbored the Green Aether of Nature. He created the grass, forests, and woodlands for many of Zeratal’s creatures. A just Elemental, he never took more territory than was needed. As such, he remains watchful over north and western Poluyim.


Agni the Flamebringer harbored the Red Aether of Fire. He brought heat and warmth to Zeratal and even the molten Magma Fields that made a portion of Va’ Sif. Only the bravest have been able to call his territory home.


Stibog the Airbringer harbored the Yellow Aether of Wind. She created the air that all land dwellers used to breath. She benevolently let her winds grace all of Zeratal, the Golden Plains being the most noticeable of all.


Charon the Frostbringer harbored the Cyan Aether of Ice. He brought the cold and ice a balance to Agni’s heat. The freezing snow made the Everfrost Isles ideal for anyone patient enough to take the necessary steps to inhabit it.


Enki the Earthbringer harbored the Brown Aether of Earth. She created the deserts and wastelands that made the remainder of Va’ Sif. Her pure intentions were to give an ideal home to even those who thrived in the harshest conditions.


Ukko the Stormbringer harbored the Purple Aether of Lightning. Each bolt tore through the sky and called the harsh rain and winds. It’s mark on the ground calling the flames that destroyed so that more may be built. He was persistent in his quest to constantly reshape Zeratal, starting with the Colsana Archipelago.


Lastly, in the center of Zeratal sat Elysium. It was a unique place that was molded by not just one but all seven of the Elementals. This has made the Aetherial concentration here the strongest of all the planet. After making the world the Elementals left simply to observe from above. Their presence too great to remain constantly within reach. To fix this concern, they gave birth to seven children who would become known as the Seven Sages. Each being synonymous with their Elementals trait and gifted in that particular Aether. Together, they’d act in place of the Elementals and protect the world. The Scholar Sage Zam the Persistent believes that this region is merely a fraction of what once was. Tragically, parties that have ventured deep into the Uncharted Territory are never seen or heard from again…

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