Blessed Inversion Prologue

Long ago there were twin brothers born from deities. The first brother preferred to use his mind to solve problems while the second brother preferred simple action. Together they ruled side by side. The first brother ruling over time and the second brother ruling over death. The first brother asked the second “How many times have we done this brother? I’ve lost count.” The second replied “12,999 times as of now.” The first brother smirks and says “You know what they say, thirteen thousandth time’s a charm. He left his brother and began to observe the world his parents created. He was searching for a perfect individual to be his champion. A champion who could battle unending chaos…

For countless years he observed the Worlds in hopes of finding this person. Entering them made it somewhat easier. Over the years he went by many names. But if you must call him something, call him Beowulf. He has been observing the constantly changing flow of the universe. How the simplest choices can lead to radically different timelines. But there have been certain constants. Certain individuals who have appeared in each timeline though none were identical. In this World there was one constant; the existence of what I’ve grown accustomed to calling “the singularity”. In each timeline, there was a single event that would drastically change the face of their planet. From that moment forward every generation a set of people would gain inhuman powers. Abilities that made them superhuman.

It started simple enough, in 1918 the first singularity occurred. Roughly a dozen people across the entirety of the planet were granted powers. 20 years later in 1938, another singularity occurred with even more people gaining superpowers. For two more generations, this occurred with news of the superpowered individuals becoming more frequent. But still considered it an elaborate hoax. By the fifth singularity in January 1998, everything changed. With the internet growing rapidly it was nigh impossible to deny their existence any longer. Each country had been hiding their population…attempting to control and learn about them. Preventing their potential rivals and enemies from discovering and attempting to use them. Totally unaware that they had been doing the same thing.

Cases of new super-powered individuals unable to control their powers became more frequent. The most notorious case was the young girl with the power to create black holes. She unintentionally leveled an entire city in Florida in minutes. By the time she figured out how to seal the black hole it was too late…Not only had she taken well over 20,000 lives but the process of sealing the black hole cost her half of her body. Sometime after the devastation of that city, the species would eventually be recognized as the “Inversions”. A name coined after a conspiracy theory that noted virtually all documented Inversions discovered had a history of the same products. The BE-0108 “Invision Cellphone” or the BE-121 “Invision Tablet” were considered culprits behind this. Many debated if this was true, a coincidence, or utterly irrelevant. After all, those products were made by RajTEK. They were the single largest electronics manufacturer on the planet and most people were using something derived from their creations. No official statement was ever given by the founder of RajTEK, Raja Eishner. But after he went public as the first Inversion CEO and gladly accepted his new title many became skeptical…

Unable to stay silent after the black hole incident, the UN took matters into their hands. That was the day they created the “Inhibitors”. The Inhibitors were a law enforcement group that served under NATO. They were tasked with heading into the countries of the world and handling the Inversions. Apprehending those deemed unfit to use their power or to protect and teach those who were. At least…that’s what many are led to believe…

There are many stories to be told in this world. Stories that would shape the future of not just this but of countless other timelines…Shall we begin?

Next Issue

Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 1- Awakening

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