Iron Man (2008) Speedrun hype

So I’ve been trying to officially speedrun for awhile. Took a bit to properly understand it the first GDQ (Games Done Quick) I watched years ago but after I did I’ve been hooked since. But there were…complications from me just not knowing enough about it. First I officially did was almost half a year ago with Evolves Evacuation Monster Solo & Evacuation Hunter Solo which I got both WRs for (at 8:57 and 22:06 respectively). One of the first I had ever begun practicing and routing was Iron Man (2008) on the 360 alongside a still unable to be done State of Decay. After months of fiddling with OBS and my HPVR2 recording devices I finally found a way to get them to work together which lets me now officially speedrun games that aren’t on in game time. I fully intend to do more with better quality streaming but I was excited and wanted to share this.

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