Jun Naegi



  1. Codename- Reflex
  2. Age- 23
  3. Species- Japanese Inversion
  4. Status- Registered
  5. Hair- Short Black
  6. Eyes- Brown
  7. Body- Athletic
  8. Powers
    • Clairvoyance
    • Power Sensing
  9. Job- Inhibitors

Before joining the Inhibitors…

Jun lived her life bound by rules. With a strict upbringing she did what she was told and excelled. So much so she was a perpetual overachiever. She aced school and quickly became a black belt in judo. Her powers emerging during the Fourth Blessing was a bonus. Now her already perfectionist nature got enhanced by being able to see short distances into the future. While not particularly helpful for bigger choices but it helped mitigate smaller issues and even guarantee she never lost a fight. Seeing her success in competitions, Jun was recruited into the Inhibitors. Both because of her abilities and to be a second-in-command should one be needed.

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