Release Schedule Going Forward

Haven’t done one of these in awhile so lets begin shall we? As you may have noticed there are a few ongoing series happening simultaneously with more on the way. So what does that mean for the release schedule? Well I’m glad you asked loyal reader! I’m sticking with the weekly release schedule. However, which gets posted will not be written in stone because that just makes writers block. So for example you might get two weeks in a row of Warzone-Aeternus, followed by a week of Blessed Inversion Inhibitors, another for Warzone-Aeternus, then one for Aetherius Saga Stormraiders. I will say now that there will sometimes be multiple releases in a single week so you’ll always have “something” new to read. Just wanted to let you guys know that so you didn’t think as new things are posted the old is forgotten. Be sure to check out the little things being done across the blog as well. I’m gradually updating old character files as posts are released. Same goes for locating them in the series guide. Hope you lovely people have been enjoying and keep enjoying! I got a lot on the horizon and hope they don’t disappoint.

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