Rai the Topaz

Stormraiders Family Crest

  1. Gender- Male
  2. Age- 8
  3. Species- Trelza
  4. Hair- Short light brown-red hair
  5. Fur- Light Brown-red spotted. Black Tipped ears
  6. Eyes- Gold
  7. Body- Thin

Past Tragedy…

Rai was unlucky from the moment he was born. His parents were two indentured servants for the Emperor of Myurkyuria. Tragically, his father was killed by a corrupt guard. His mother attempted to flee but to save herself, abandoned Rai. Too small and scared to follow, he cried and waited for her to return. Hours would pass before he was finally heard by Lei the Topaz who heard his cries. Without hesitation, she took him home with her and adopted him.

New Family…

After being adopted by the Topaz family who had recently lost their father and husband, he was given the name Rai. His curiosity and energetic nature was nurtured by his new family. At four he left with Lei on her trip to Elysium. While she learned from Zam the Persistent, he sat and observed. Although he as too young to focus long enough to perform the spells himself, his instincts were good enough to memorize them. An ideal tool for avoiding them and helping Lei explore the various ruins of Zeratal as the Stormraiders.


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