Potential Delays (Update)

So time for a segment of good news, bad news and we’re gonna do it patch note style to make it easier to catch up.

  1. Good News
    • The issue with my laptop is a simple one. I can remove the harddrive and put it back in to see if that helps and if not then alternative is a new hard drive as a whole. No virus shenanigans so my baby is still salvageable
    • Until my laptop can be sorted out I’ll be using my old desktop to work so I can get back on the horse
    • Conveniently, I put most of my files onto OneNote/OneDrive so I can keep working
  2. Bad News
    • I can’t get my laptop open to try the take the hard drive out then put it back in method. This means I have to either wait for someone who can for free or just buy a new one and have them put that in all in the same go
    • My old desktop is slow as hell and since it’s in someone elses bedroom and they have a curfew my writing timezone and update periods will be GREATLY reduced.
    • With my laptop dead no more speedruns or streams from my 360, PS3/PS1, Wii U, Wii, or Gamecube
  3. Silver lining
    • I’ll be streaming more PS4 stuff because now I have forced breaks
    • I actually have forced breaks so I should hopefully not burn out

I still have a ton of writing ideas so hopefully you guys will be sticking around! I will miss my laptop greatly though…

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