Blog Update

So did a few new updates to and regarding the site so thought I’d share them all here patch notes style

  • About Me Section
    • Finally updated and gave myself a better and proper About Me section.
  • Quick Series Guide, Meet the Characters, and Lore Sections.
    • These section is being updated consistently as is the individual sections within it. Be sure to check them every so often to keep track and also to get earlier teasers. If I know the name of the chapter, am currently writing a chapter/series and it’s almost ready to be posted, or have a new character profile it’ll be listed with a “COMING SOON” label. This usually means you can expect it sometime this week if not the next day.
  • Full Cursed World Guide
    • Just a reminder that this specific section will put the chapters in chronological order. That way if you want to only follow one series but curious when others happen you know where they fall.
  • Laptop situation
    • That’s still dead as dirt but Old Grace is still doing the job. Though I’m not sure I’ll press my luck with Photoshop on her which leads to…
  • New series
    • Without Photoshop I can’t make my thumbnails which means for the time being I’m gonna hold off on new series. At least for ones that don’t already have a preexisting one designed. Buuuut this leads into…
  • Thumbnail Collaboration
    • Remember Sixth Saint Masamune? Well he MAY be providing his lovely artistic edge to help make new thumbnails. If so then things will look way prettier in the near future (though the old thumbnails will still be used till this happens, if this happens, and if it does for certain things after it happens)
  • State of existing series
    • They’re still going but I thought I’d give a bit of a synopsis for those who hasn’t been keeping up or with my non-standard release schedule lost track/forgot
      • World of Sages- The fantasy universe in my multiverse. Like more classic sword and magic with fancy dungeons and occasional not trademarked and totally ready to sue me dragons? Well then this is for you!
        • Notes of Roanoke- The lost journal of the Sage of Light, Solomon the Empathetic, as he finds his world trapped within The Rift.
          • Completed mini-series. Cosmic Horror journal entries
        • Aetherius Saga Stormraiders- Lei & Rai the Topaz are the treasure hunting brother-sister combo known as the Stormraiders. Their job: search Zeratal for lost ruins and relics for the Sage of Lightning, Zam the Persistent.
          • Currently ongoing series. Fairly lighthearted fantasy/adventure
        • Endymion Guide to Zeratal- Endymion is the land of scholars spellcasters located within Elysium. They’ve agreed to share their textbooks with any who wanted to learn more about the world.
          • Currently ongoing lore tie-in for the World of Sages
      • Warring Worlds- One of my sci-fi universes, specifically the one with giant robots. Mecha + War = Awesome
        • Warzone-Aeternus- The second Human/Colonist War has begun. Who will win and gain supremacy? Beta Advent who fights in the name of the humans on Earth? The Patrons who fight for independence on the Colonies? Or the Universal Concord, who were forced to live in the Asteroid Belt, and hope for peace between both sides?
          • Currently ongoing series. But a bit of a disclaimer, writing both sides of a war (especially when there are three sides) is quite difficult so there WILL be delays between each chapter.
      • Cursed World- The superhero universe in my multiverse. Get your tights ready cause we got some people to save!
        • Blessed Inversion- Henry “Hal” Sharp was just a normal receptionist until his powers emerged while saving a woman from a car accident. Now he’s living living his dream of being a superhero. Now if only he could decide on his name…
          • Currently ongoing series. This is the “main” story in the Blessed Inversion series. This is a more traditional superhero story with a certain other genre involved that will be revealed in due time. *Intrigue intensifies*
        • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors- With the rise of Inversions, NATO creates a special division of their own Inversions to deal with them. In come, the Inhibitors.
          • Currently ongoing series. This is a team centric superhero story.
        • Blessed Inversion SWAT- While Hal fights in the public and the Inhibitors deal with global threats, SWAT-Spider deals with the low level scum.
          • Currently ongoing series. This is a noir mystery wrapped up in a superhero story.
      • The First World- The starting point for my multiverse. The first world created by the deities. With all the timelines involved it covers the full spectrum of genres with an ever present aura of Cosmic Horror.
        • Geist Wars- In the far future, Matthew Lourwood investigates disturbances in the timestream caused by a temporal tyrant. Including Colonel Jedda Reinhold of the Guardian Corps, Alexandros the hoplite in Ancient Greece, and Gen Yun the monk.
          • Completed novel available on Amazon
  • Geist Wars future
    • So my first novel has been out for awhile but like most of my stuff it’s the first in a series. It WILL be completed but I’m considering a possible alternate release strategy for it. Translating into it being released on WordPress in some form. So what does it mean for the one you have to pay for? That will remain there but I’m considering possible tie-ins to keep hype if not putting the sequels here (maybe alternate takes on the novels chapters?). Either way it’s a bit up in the air but is far from dead

That’s it for now. See ya next time mein friends!

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