Trelza and the Kingdom of Nanow


The Trelza are a species of humanoid cats that live throughout West Poluyim. It’s unknown if this is where they originated from. The cat ears in addition to their regular ears, prehensile tails, and small pads on their hands and feet suggest they are sub-human half breeds from the Southern Plains. However, there is no discernible species alive that could’ve mated with humans to make the Trelza. The styles of fur and tail length that has sprung up throughout the Trelza species further complicates matters. In the end, it didn’t matter as they were large enough to forge the Kingdom of Nanow.

At a young age, most Trelza are capable of being self-sufficient and physically mature quicker than most other species. Like cats they are generally good judges of characters and cautious before engaging. But at the same time are curious about those around them. As such, they’ve remained largely neutral in the ongoing wars. Simply remaining hunters. Although they’ve been known to assist the Myurkyurians. Like the neighboring Elves, the Trelza wear very minimal clothing. At most choosing to use light animal skins and cloths. At least following the Elves examples of wearing nothing and being one with nature.

The Kingdom of Nanow itself sits to the western edge of the Mystic Jungles next to the coast. Rather than living in a castle or an elaborate town, they live in the mystical Tree of Gracer. The companion tree to the Tree of Armon, it is the second tallest tree in all of Zeratal. Unlike the Elves, however, the Trelza remain exclusively at its trunk rather than also in its branches. They believe it to be sacred to not just the Nature Elemental Gaia but also the Elemental Stribog. Climbing it when one isn’t under attack or hollowing it out was considered an insult. In yet another similar trait to the Elves, should you get on their bad side you are likely to never leave it.

There have been rumors that like cats they have nine lives. They don’t and it’s advised you don’t attempt to test it…

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