U.G.M.P #0: Universal War

UGMP 2.0

2599 WC, a large portion mankind has left the planet Earth in search of a new home among the stars. For 1,501 years they drifted through space aboard the E.S.N Super Frigate Roanoke in search of the ideal habitable planet. They had encountered a number of primitive and hostile species before but this planet showed signs or promise. Before they could even land on the planet they were found and escorted by the natives, a species of armored alien warriors known as the Setzen. In exchange for allowing them to colonize on their planet, the Humans were required to aid their war effort.

For centuries, three neighboring star systems had been at war. The species scattered across them all fighting for total dominion. With the Humans added to their own forces, the Setzen intended to turn the tide in their favor. In the year 4200, 100 years after their arrival on the Setzen home world of Talnep, the Universal War would reach its conclusion. A stalemate that made way for peace with the founding of the Universal Government for Maintaining Peace, or U.G.M.P. It would be headed by the top three representatives of each of the major species present across the three systems. Acting as both diplomats and soldiers, they’d handle large scale threats on a planet by planet basis. Many of the lesser issues that were present were then relegated to the planets native law enforcement.

However, the universe was still in dire straits in the aftermath of the Universal War. The countless battles that were waged left many planets struggling to support life. It’d be years before the efforts of the U.G.M.P successfully salvaged what remained…

Next Issue

U.G.M.P Chapter 1- Kratos



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