Geist Wars Entry 1- Jedda Reinhold, Log 1 (Preview)

In the year 13,025 there is a city that shines white. Cars glide gracefully along the neon blue roads of Hard Light while the clear skies shine light down on them. Cedar City, the sprawling metropolis capital of the southern islands, stands as a beacon of hope for what remains of the world. Under the control of the Guardian Corps, their super soldier Arbiters kept the peace and prosperity for all its inhabitants. Colonel Jedda Reinhold of the Guardian Corps, sleeping peacefully in his queen sized bed, begins to stir at the sound of a nearby radio.

“Good morning Cedar City! This is Sozen Rawlins with your daily 9AM forecast.” Sozen says bright and cheerfully. “We have a beautiful day today, only clear skies and sunshine. Good news for anyone hoping to visit the Seical Lake, tomorrow will also be clear and sunny. Friday will be cloudy with a chance of rain. Saturday will be raining for most of the day but by night it’ll clear right up. Finally, Monday we’ll be back to clear sunny days. I’m Sozen Rawlins and I wish all of you wonderful people a great and fun Wednesday!”

With the daily weather forecast complete, the radio resumes playing its ambient music. Jedda misses the energetic tone of Sozen. His weary blue eyes open and look at the ceiling of his bedroom. His muscles still tired from the previous day. Jedda forces himself to sit up and rubs his face. He turns and sits on the left side of his bed. The silk carpet felt soft and warm under his feet. Jedda raises his arms to stretch. Lowering his arms, he takes a moment to admire the tattoo on his left shoulder. The symbol of water was colored black on his tan skin to remind him of his father who had long since passed. He walks to the window of his bedroom and gazes at the shining skyscrapers of Cedar City. Although his apartment wasn’t a high end apartment, the view was still one to be admired. You could see the shimmering skylines and billboards unobstructed. At night the view was especially breathtaking when the buildings and billboards lit up to glow like stars. Taking a deep breath he walks out of his room, down a short hallway passed a bathroom, and into a spacious living room. It was a modest arrangement. A couch sat in the middle of the room with a long coffee table in front of it. A Hard Light television rested on the wall alongside simple paintings of the ocean. A door to the terrace laid on the far right of the room next to a small dinner table and a lounging chair. To the far left next to the front door was a chest high “L” shaped counter to separate the kitchen from the living room. His roommate and fellow Guardian Corpsmen, Lieutenant Eugene Barton, lounges on the couch in his blue boxers. His feet resting on the table as he watched the television.

“Morning Jed.” Eugene says without even looking at Jedda. His focus was dedicated to watching his favorite show The Crimson Falcons. It starred a group of bounty hunters fighting to save the universe. Despite being an animated series it was popular across the age groups.

“What I miss?” Jedda asks stepping over Eugene’s leg and sitting to his left.

“They got to the forest planet and are fighting through to the temple.” He responds slowly. Splitting his attention between the show and the question Jedda asked. He wanted to respond but didn’t want to miss his show either.

“Forest Temple?” Jedda inquires before getting shushed by Eugene.

When a commercial comes Eugene finally responds. “So yeah they are at a Forest Temple now. Woulda known that if you kept up with the series.”

“Sorry, I actually watch shows for grown-ups.” Jedda snarks.

“Dude you’re only 2 years older than me.” Eugene points out in defense.

“2 years is a long time boyo.” Jedda chuckles warmly.

“Shut up before I send you to a retirement home.” Eugene jokingly threatens as he pushes Jedda.

“Yeah yeah you yabber for nothing.” Jedda pushes back playfully. The sound of a phone rings through the air. A foreboding melody that brings the image of a funeral to mind.

“Oh god…” They say in unison.

“It’s your turn to answer…” Jedda says.

“Nope, I did it last time and remember what happened? He yelled at me because I wasn’t the commanding officer.” Eugene snaps annoyed by the memory.

“Fiiiiiiine.” Jedda moans. “Here comes a fun earbashing…”

Jedda walks over to a panel on the wall and presses a button to activate a holographic video phone. It brings up the image of a scowling Japanese man wearing a military uniform from the waist up. His powder blue suit shirt was properly maintained and bore the Guardian Corps insignia on the left shoulder. The insignia was a digital black cross with dark blue edges on top of a black circle with its own dark blue edges on both the inner and outer rings. On the left section of the cross was a “G” imprinted onto it and on the right section a “C”. Opposite of it on the right shoulder was the Australian Flag.

“Brigadier Strand.” Jedda says firmly while performing the Guardian Corps salute for his superior officer. He held his left arm vertically parallel to his chest with the right arm over it horizontally to make a cross shape over the heart.

One of the Brigadiers of the Guardian Corps, Brigadier Benimaru Strand was an unwavering pillar of the rules. He responded only to the General of the Guardian Corps and demanded all others would do the same. Conversations with him rarely went pleasantly.

“Why aren’t you in uniform Colonel?” His brow lowering as his expression sours more than it already was.

“Because sir I’m not on duty and in my own home.” Jedda responds calmly but firmly. Hiding the festering hate within. Jedda never went out of his way to break the rules, however the few times he has Strand made sure to pounce on him for it. Both him and Eugene had no positive feelings for the man but tolerated him as their superior officer.

“I see.” Strand scoffs before continuing. “You have a special mission from General Pellek.”

“Yes Brigadier.” Jedda replied after a pause. Outside of the holograms view Eugene groans and bangs his head on a table in annoyance at the Brigadiers intrusion.

“In West Cedar there’s been increased tension between the Humans and Hegels. Brigadier Wu believes there’s a single Hegel trying to rally their kind and start a civil war. The General wants you and Lieutenant Barton to be our eyes and ears.” Brigadier Strand informs.

“We’ll take care of it Brigadier.” Jedda salutes once more.

“See that you do Colonel. Make sure you’re wearing the proper attire this time.” Strand orders as he ends the call.

“Shagger.” Jedda says in disgust sitting back down next to Eugene.

“We have to go don’t we? Please tell me we don’t have to.” Eugene pleads.

“I know I know…But this might actually be important.” Jedda sighs putting his arm around Eugene to try and comfort him.

“Ugh…fine…but I’m not gonna like it.” Eugene says standing and heading to the bedroom with Jedda close behind. “Don’t forget the uniform. Wouldn’t want the bad guys to not see you coming.”

“I kinda like the uniform I’m wearing now.” Jedda jokes as he flexes his muscles. “Wanna root again?”

“Not this time.” Eugene replies.

“Damn.” Jedda says sadly before leaving to shower.

Without anything else to distract him, Eugene takes his uniform out of the closet and begins to put it on. The standard issue Guardian Corps combat uniform consisted of a long sleeve powder blue shirt that zips down from the neck to the pectoral. Its arms covered in a blue camouflage pattern that extends along the entire arm and covers the collar. The camouflaged sections are separated from the powder blue sections with a golden trim. A pair of cargo pants in a matching blue camouflage with grey kneepads designed into them. Held up by a metallic black belt he laces his matching black boots.  With his uniform on, he enters the bathroom and quickly gels his short black hair into a spiky style. Returning to the bedroom, he retrieves a sheathed katana and attaches it to the belt. While not as muscular or strong as Jedda, his Guardian Corps issued Sonic Blade more than made up for it. Using rapid vibrations, it could cut through virtually anything. The belt and sheath could be connected and was capable of rotating and realigning the position of the Sonic Blade so he can sheath or draw it from any position he required. Eugene leaves the bedroom once more as Jedda enters and puts on his own Guardian Corps uniform. Unlike Eugene’s uniform he had a normal black belt. His weapon of choice was the Holo-Shield, a dark grey gauntlet mounted onto his left arm. Along the forearm was a noticeable cylinder shaped slot. Tying his straight hair into a short ponytail, he finally leaves the apartment with Eugene close behind. They head down the hallway to an elevator they take to the garage level. Entering a white and blue hover car with the Guardian Corps insignia on its side, they drive out the garage onto a neon blue hard light bridge.

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