Blog Update 4-26-2017

  • Quality of life update 1- Thumbnails
    • In case you don’t know that term from good ol’ Patch Notes like Overwatch, I did a minor update that’s strictly to make the chapters look better. Namely the thumbnail icons are being put at the start of each issue. Mostly because the thumbnails can’t be seen anywhere else. I feel like doing this will be more visually interesting. Except for Notes of Roanoke, those are staying as is.
  • Quality of life update 2- Descriptions
    • In a part two of this I’ve also updated the series descriptions. To see those just go to the Category drop down menu on the right bar below Archives. Right now the ones complete are as follows
      • Notes of Roanoke
      • Aetherius Saga
      • Aetherius Saga Stormraiders
      • U.G.M.P
      • Warzone-Aeternus
      • Blessed Inversion Golden Age
      • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors
      • Blessed Inversion SWAT
  • Minor Site updates
    • Full Cursed World Guide, Blessed Inversions Golden Age, and Blessed Inversion SWAT updated for latest chapters

It’s a brief set of updates this time. Hope you all have a smashing day

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