The Shifting Identity of Savitar

Time for some Flash CW theory about Savitar so if you don’t want spoilers on last nights episode pass on by…





*Dramatic pause for emphasis*

Okay so, I was talking with brother about Savitar after I had a revelation in the shower. Future Barry ISN’T Savitar. Or rather, he’s not the real Savitar. Think about it. Earliest point in the season he was super god complex, giving people powers, and moving so fast nobody could see and running a cult. Just killing you at your very first failure.

Notice how obscenely fast  and strong he is. A feat no other Speedster has shown…

But when he gets out of the speed force no giving powers, no cult, no talking through Julien, and moving slow enough to be fought by the third fastest speedster around. Not only that but Killer Frost failed MULTIPLE times and what happens? He sends her out again. Why not kill her but kill Rival instantly?

…yet now he doesn’t even move and Jesse can harm him.

I don’t think Future Barry is trying to stop girl from making the Speed Force trap. I think he’s trying to push her to make it sooner Reverse Flash style so he can stop the real Savitar. There’s too many differences between how he was before being sealed in the Speed Force and when he came out. Even if you chalk up being slower due to being trapped in the Speed Force why has he shown zero power recovery like Reverse Flash or Zoom? Why has his face/mask never moved once since? Why suddenly stop making other Metas who were from Flashpoint? And more importantly why kill Iris? Savitar may have gone into the Speed Force but it sure as hell wasn’t him that crawled out.

I suspect it’s Future Barry working with Cisco who made the suit (they did show he still has his tech knowledge even without his hands). While the real one never escaped the Speed Force but eventually will.

Featured here: Fake Savitar/Future Barry

So who do we think the real Savitar is? Well we have a few theories on that one.

The first is Jay Garrick (my brother supports this one). Going off the idea that Barry simply never saved him from the Speed Force prison after he took Wally’s place.

The second is the Speed Force itself (my suspicion). This one goes on the idea that the Speed Force can take physical form in the show and has shown anger at the whole Flashpoint incident. It’d tie into why Savitar was trying to undo all the things Flashpoint did by giving people power again. This would also explain why he’s wearing a suit (if the original Savitar is a suit) in that it has no physical form.

Overall, there are far too many inconsistencies in post-Speed Prison Savitars plans, characterization, and skillset compared to pre-Speed Prison Savitar. Now we just have 2 1/2 episodes (Next week is clearly the cooldown episode like the Music Meister episode was) to find out more.

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