Gabriel Kessler









Irish American Inversion



Physical Traits


Wild Ginger





Body Type






Energy Blasts
Energy Constructs


Molecular Combustion




Low Regeneration




Super Speed




Steven Kessler (Father)

Elle Hollows Kessler (Mother)

Michael Kessler (Twin Brother)

Wendell Hoffman Kessler (Adopted Older Brother)

The Kessler Family

Gabriel Kessler was the first of twin boys born to Steven and Elle Kessler in Silver Plains, Westchester, New York. He spent the earliest years of his life being taken care of by both parents. Unfortunately, this wasn’t meant to last. Strain between his parents led them to separate and as it worsened it turned into a custody battle. The result was Gabriel being under Stevens custody before he was even 2 years old. He was then raised by Steven to the best of his ability, although he still had help from his coworkers at RajTEK. With the hectic and dangerous life he led, Steven taught Gabriel many things he’d need to survive should something happen to him. Through all this, he still had a largely pleasant youth. Steven worked hard to make sure he still had a childhood and it helped the bond they shared grow. A fact that inadvertently led Gabriel to grow to dislike his mother and to an extent his own twin for continuously siding with her.

Manifestation of his powers

When Steven went to train the Inhibitors, Gabriel stayed with Elle and his twin, Michael. Although this was a brief stay. He lied in the first month and returned to his home and spent the rest of his time there. He was ecstatic when his father returned and life could return to normal. But within the first week of them being reunited his powers as an Inversion manifested during gym at school. Gabriel’s senses were overloaded as he tried to adjust to super speed. The minutes dragged on endlessly for him and by the time he managed to ground himself he was now terrified of his own abilities. Fearing for his own safety and what others would think. Although he got reassurance from Steven, Gabriel still kept his powers a secret until he learned how to properly use them.


Gabriel would practice in secret so he could use his powers and keep his accelerated thoughts in-check. For the days he spent entirely alone, he made even more progress. Although Steven being gone for two days straight with no word raised red signs for the young boy. He attempts to ask the staff of RajTEK for information only to find them blockaded by the police following an Inversion attack. When Raja tells Gabriel that he couldn’t keep track of Steven in the confusion, he races home in hopes of finding more information on the news. Hearing the news of Black Ice inspired him to save his father himself. The search through both Silver and Gold Plains proves fruitless. However, when searching Bronze Plains he finds Doctor Khonshu who was doing his own investigation at an abandoned Acel-Corp warehouse. When asked about his name, Gabriel says the first thing that pops into his mind. Thus, Jetstream was born. The pair finds SWAT-Spider who was being held captive and tortured for two days. Although, Jetstream doesn’t realize he is in fact, Steven. Unwilling to sit still, he races to continue his search. Upon returning home he finds a message left on the answering machine. Raja had located Steven at Saint Taliesin’s hospital and Gabriel races there in seconds. Seeing his father so injured and weak for the first time shocked Gabriel. But now that he had powers and a superhero name he planned to take over as protector of his family.

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