Blog Update 5-23-2017

Another day, another update. And this one thanks in part to the lovely folks at Reddit.

Quality of Life Overhaul

  • Remember how I was going back to do some good ol’ fashioned editing? Remember how I removed most of my writing? Well, I’m back and better than ever! Big shoutout and thanks to my editors Don Richards and Elliot Kach for helping me out ❤
    • Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 1
    • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapters 1-5
  • Blessed Inversion SWAT and the remainder of Golden Age is on the way so don’t worry
  • U.G.M.P Chapter 1 revamped with new details and editing, courtesy of rereading alongside Grammarly.

About Section update

  • Speaking of editors, I’m adding them to the about section in the credits portion of that as well as the things they edited. That way you’ll always be able to see what they contributed to.

Quick Series Guide Update

  • The Quick Series Guide for The Cursed World has been fixed to take you to the new chapters. But until they get fixed; the unedited chapters for SWAT and Golden Age are being left disabled

State of future writing

  • I haven’t forgotten about new writing while fixing the old. However, I might make the actual updates a bit slower instead of three days a week guaranteed just so there is time for more thorough editing processes. This way things come out nice and pretty the first time around

Hope ya’ll are willing to continue being patient as I work hard to update everything. Love yo faces ❤

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