BI Golden Age #3: Debut

Blessed Inversion Emblem (Text 2.0)

Previously on Blessed Inversion Golden Age…

Hal Sharp, a former receptionist at Gunma Inc, awakens his powers of cryokinesis after saving a woman from a car accident. He successfully guilt trips his former boss and still close friend, Rowena Gunma, into supporting him until he can find a new job. His career of choice, being a superhero with a still to be determined name…

Henry “Hel” Sharp/Freeze
-Superhero in training. Cryokinetic

Today was yet another dull September day, a fact Hal hates as he lays in his bedroom watching the news. They were still playing the news story of the Inhibitors first success in the UK*. But there was nothing special stateside and more importantly, the costume he ordered online had yet to arrive. The moment it did he knew exactly what he’d be doing.

*Check out Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 2 for more specifics!

“Man…I wish I could do that.” Hal thinks with a yawn. “Wonder if they have tryouts.” Creating a snowball he begins to juggle it with one hand. After three tosses his drops it onto his chest accidentally. In the past Hal hated the cold but since his powers manifested he couldn’t even feel it on his bare skin. “Shit.” he jumps up and wipes the snow onto the floor to keep his bed dry. A ring on his doorbell sends him racing to the door. “I’m here!” he blurts out opening the door. His hopes of it being the mailman were dashed when he sees his neighbor Laura. “Oh…Hey.” he says disappointedly.

“Expecting someone else?” she asks covering her face when she notices he’s only wearing boxers.

“Yeah, the mailman.”

“Really? I didn’t know he was your type.” she notes innocently.

“I have lots of types.” he replies. “But I meant I was supposed to be getting a delivery.”

“You mean this?” she says pointing to a box on the floor. “I was getting ready to head to work and saw it just sitting outside your door.”

“Thank you so much. You’re a lifesaver.” Hal thanks her excitedly retrieving the box.

“No problem, just make sure the same doesn’t happen to me!” she says with a wave goodbye.

Taking his mail back inside he opens it as quickly as possible. He managed to find a site online that made custom cosplay costumes and went for it. It was black sleeveless spandex with soles designed into the feet. They came with a pair of gloves and a bandanna that had blue lensed eyes to act as a mask. Two straps hung a little past his shoulders in place of a showy cape. The lining around the arms, neck, and along the bottom of his mask were a matching blue hue. A blue snowflake sat on his waist where a belt buckle would be. Putting it all on, Hal felt immense excitement and pride.

“Holy shit this is tight.” he thinks aloud. It was his first time wearing a skintight outfit and it was going to take getting used to. It takes a minute or two to adjust his bandanna mask so he could see properly out of it. “Gonna have to break this in…” he says to himself before heading to leave out the front door. “Don’t want to blow my cover the first day out.” Hal stops realizing his mistake and going to climb out the window.

When he reaches the ground, Hal skates through the streets as he had grown accustomed to. The costume made a world of difference in how it felt. Besides feeling awesome he could feel more agile and free in his movements. The built-in lenses of his bandanna mask worked far better at protecting him than his shades ever did. Hal wanted to share his costume with his roommate Jey but his plans are cut short by a call to action. While searching for trouble, he managed to find it. One of Silver Plains resident gangs was having an unusually public gathering.

Silver Plains was a relatively safe place to live but it was very divided and some areas were more prone to criminal activities. The suburb where Hal lived was fairly safe while the old district was far less so. With the rapid advancements brought to Silver Plains by the likes of RajTEK and Acel-Corp, the city expanded while simply building around the old rather than improving it. Bronze Plains, as it was called, was home to many of the poor and less financially stable. Not to mention being the birthplace of the Stars of Doom. A gang where each member had the same 108 number tattooed on the left side of the back of their necks. Most rumors think the gang was formed by former Kazuo Industries employees who were tired of their own company ignoring their home. Given how they ignored Bronze Plains and built Gold Plains the rumor did have grounds in reality.

Gold Plains, the rich upper-class area, was both more and less subtle. The Rebellion gang was born there and each member was a little too inspired by films that came out in recent years. Each donning full suits of black leather, gifts from their wealthy parents no doubt. It was a miracle anyone took them seriously. But this led to the problematic cover-ups that were commonplace. Their crimes were often hidden to protect their status and image despite how visible they were.

Finding the Rebellion gathered lurking in a dark alley en masse far from their own territory immediately set warnings off in Hal’s mind. “I really hope those aren’t just a bunch of goths.” Hal says to himself moments before firing an ice beam at the ground. Using it he launches himself in front of the group and lands dramatically. “Nailed it.” Hal smirks before taking a moment to stand up with his left side facing them. “So, are you just a bunch of goth kids or…” he begins before being interrupted.

“Oh fuck this! I’m not dealing with another hero!” One of the men cries out before pulling a pistol from under his trench coat.

Instinctively, an ice wall raises out of the ground and protects Hal. “Step 6, dramatic entrance. Did that…step 7, awesome one-liner is also a check…mostly…” Things were happening way faster than in the comics. It was more terrifying having a wall of guns pointed at him. “Are you guys gonna even ask me my name or just keep shooting?!” Hal shouts to feign confidence but the gunfire drowns it out. “Screw it, swapping 8 and 9.” While maintaining his first ice wall, Hal puts his hand on the floor. Sending a wave of ice through the ground and freezing all the Rebels up to their necks. Keeping them from drawing their guns if they hadn’t or firing if they already had. “Freeze!” he says lowering his ice wall and turning to face the group. “Get it? Cause that’s my attack and my name. Now what’re your names? ” his taunts are met with an orchestra of groans and a few forced laughs. “The joys of a captive audience.”

UGH! I miss the other guy already.” Their leader complains.

“You asked for this when you didn’t even ask for my name. I mean that’s just rude. And comparing me to whoever this other guy is.”*

*Check out Blessed Inversion SWAT to see who they’re talking about.

“Your name’s shit.”

“Now that’s just uncalled for.” Hal defends himself. “I worked hard on that name.”

“Going with the first choice isn’t working hard.” he taunts.

“What do you guys think?” Hal asks the rest of the gang. To his dismay, most agree with their leader. “Oh well, you guys can all go to hell. My name’s great!” pausing for a minute to think he continues. “What about Black Ice?”

“Ain’t that a little racist?” one asks in response.

“I mean I’m calling myself that so I don’t think so. Plus you know…the costume and the powers so it kinda fits.”

“Better than Freeze.” another adds on.

“Damnit Ro’…she’s gonna gloat about this later. Whatever, you guys are under Superheroes arrest!” Black Ice strikes a dramatic pose. “No idea what your plan was but you’re foiled.” he says as the sound of police sirens filled the air.

More gunshots cut through the alley as the Stars of Doom arrive from the opposite end. The Rebellion wasn’t gathering just for fun, they were meeting their rivals for still to be determined reasons. Hal didn’t care for what those reasons were and was just acting on adrenaline. His body turns to ice and he stands stalwart. Hal responds to their gunfire by putting an ice wall between him and the Rebels. The bullets could crack his icy frame but would do no permanent damage. As far as he could tell, there wasn’t much that could hurt him while he was frozen. The Rebellion wouldn’t be as fortunate though. Determined to end it quickly, he fires a concentrated ice beam at the group that freezes all but one in place who dodges and avoid it. His forearms emitted ash which he quickly fires in kind. The two clash streams ending in a standstill.

“That’s new.” Hal says engaging in a staredown.  “Name’s Fre…Black Ice. You got one?”

“Cinder.” his eyes smoking and voice wavy. He was a bald man with an almost excessive amount of muscles. There was nothing worse than a bodybuilder who also had superpowers. “You get one chance to walk away niño. I suggest you take it.” the ash he releases begin to heat up and melts the ice trapping his gang.  When he looks back at Black Ice, he’s confused by the ecstatic expression he has.

“First day with my costume and I already have a nemesis! This. Is. Awesome!”

“I don’t have time for this.” Cinder surges with ash. The hot cloud of ash he emits rapidly spreads through the alley and obscures Black Ice’s vision.

“That’s not good.” Black Ice stands his ground and enters a fighting stance. He hadn’t done capoeira in years but this makeshift stance was better than nothing. “The hell?” he coughs.

Even with his body frozen, Black Ice couldn’t breathe through the ash. What made it worse was the ash when inhaled intensified and burned him from the inside. Unable to get his bearings he wasn’t ready for the right hook to his temple. He kicks at where the punch came from but misses entirely. Cinder uses the opportunity to punch Black Ice in the stomach before grabbing the straps of his bandanna to keep him from falling over.

Cinders overzealous move gave Black Ice the opportunity he needed to turn things in his favor. Planting his left foot on the ground he summons a solid ice pillar to jut out the ground. It hits its mark and strikes Cinders crotch. He screams in pain and releases Black Ice who promptly punches his head into the floor. It wasn’t heroic and was obscenely sloppy but it got the job done. With Cinder unconscious, the ash begins to clear and breathing becomes easier. “Anyone else?” Black Ice asks looking over the still trapped criminals.

“FREEZE!” a police officer shouts with a gun pointed at Black Ice. He arrived late to the battle having only heard the gunfire by chance. At least that’s what he’d say in his report. It sounded much better than him arriving halfway through the fight and waiting for one of the Inversions to get taken out by the other.

“Yes?” Black Ice responds.

“I said freeze!” he orders once more.

“You know that sounded way more fun in my head.” he thinks to himself. “No need to thank me. I just took out two gangs alone.” returning his body to normal he stands with his fists on his waist. “The name’s Black Ice.”

“I didn’t know the Inhibitors wore costumes.” the police officer says lowering his gun.

“What? No, I’m just on my own. I’m a solo superhero.”


“You know what. I have other stuff to do so I’m just gonna leave.” ignoring the police officers threats he launches himself onto the rooftops with another ice pillar. “It’s not that I don’t trust you I just don’t like having a gun pointed at me!” Black Ice gives a salute and leaves. “For a first day I’d say that went pretty…well…” his words come to a halt at the sight of an ominous storming cloud flying towards RajTEK. “Don’t see that every day.” he thinks aloud when the storm cloud bombards RajTEK with lightning. “So much for lightning never striking the same place twice…” Black Ice didn’t know who was responsible or cared. If he was going to be a superhero he’d go to trouble headfirst. It was going to be a long day.

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