The Inversion Ranking System

The following is required reading for all members of the Inhibitors. With the information provided by the Nucleus, we are able to create a comprehensive list of all currently existing Inversions. Using our ranking system, we can ascertain both the typing and the strength of each individual Inversion. For this lesson, we’ll be using current active members of the Inhibitors to teach you.

Katerina Sonter, Codename: Sleuth

Currently, there are 6 primary classes of Inversion abilities you will need to be aware of.

  • Energy abilities generate or manipulate types of energy. Some are restricted exclusively to projectile beams while others are capable of created hard light energy constructs.
  • Alteration abilities actively manipulate and change themselves or objects around them from their default state. Shapeshifting, density control, elemental transmogrification, and power mimicry are examples of these powers. These powers are rarely activated without consciously thinking about them
  • Psychic abilities are all focused around the mind. Psychokinesis, Telepathy, Empathy, and Illusions are some examples of these abilities. Psychics are extremely powerful, especially those capable of using Astral Manifestations. However, unlike the other classes, Psychic abilities often put a large strain on the user. Many of their abilities can also be trained to be defended against.
  • Physical abilities are natural abilities, often ones that are permanently active in comparison to Alteration abilities. Super Speed, Danger Sense, Enhanced Speed, and Regeneration are examples of these powers. These powers are controlled much like a muscle. Many are simply controlled by actively using more of their own natural strength while others like Regeneration or Durability are subconscious and can’t be controlled or stopped.
  • Elemental abilities, as the name suggests, include abilities built around the elements. Hydrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Atmokinesis, and Cryokinesis are examples of these. Elemental abilities can be spontaneously created or from the naturally present elements in the area depending on the individuals.
  • The Other section covers abilities that don’t quite fit in the other classes. Force Fields, Magnetokinesis, Omnilingualism, and Reality Warping are examples of these. Inversions under this class should be treated with the utmost caution.


Kathy Preston, Codename: Granite

The second chart every file will be accompanied by covers more specific details of their ranking.

  • Strength determines how powerful their abilities actually are. The higher the ranking, the deadlier their abilities can be.
  • Stability determines how their abilities function. The more stable an ability the less likely they are to have a sudden volatile outburst. The lower they are the more likely they are to repeat the incident in Nevada and are a danger to themselves and anyone in the immediate vicinity.
  • Potential determines how likely their abilities are to evolve and grow stronger. Some Inversions are naturally at their peak. Others could be considered underdeveloped at the time of their abilities manifestation. However, having high potential does not mean they are guaranteed to meet that potential without proper stimulus.
  • Versatility determines how much their abilities can do. No two Inversions use the same abilities identically. One Cryokinetic could be strong enough to create an Ice Age while another focuses that power into ice constructs. Versatility can make a seemingly useless powerset and weak Inversion a considerable threat.
  • Skill determines the level of ability it takes for the individual Inversion to use their abilities. Someone with Super Speed will have an easy time learning how to control their speed while someone with Energy Constructs will need considerably more time and dedication. This will be key in how potential Inhibitors will be focused upon during training.
  • Danger determines how much of a threat as a whole the Inversion is. A low priority Inversion can be left idle while our focus is elsewhere. When determining who to recruit or who is a possible threat to humanity, the Inversions with higher threat tiers take priority.

By understanding and combining these two charts, the Inhibitors will actively take to the budding Inversion populace and actively seek out those most in need of our time. The fate of the world rests in our hands and only by knowing how each Inversion ranks will we be able to effective prioritize our objectives.


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