Inversions and the Singularities

To Professor Patherson,

Currently, there are three dozen different scientific facilities across the globe researching into Inversion. Well over 10,000 scientists are researching into what a number of mysteries surrounding the species and the event. This includes what makes one become chosen as an Inversion, the correlation between individual and abilities, and what is the original cause of the Singularities.

Inversions, as the term has been coined courtesy of RajTEK, is the new species of individuals who gained for lack of a better term superpowers during a Singularity. Although they are considered their own species, most scientists don’t believe that assertion can be made until they know what the Singularity itself is. Regardless of what they fall under, Inversions have been broken down into a number of sub-categories by the Nucleus.

Energy Inversions, as the name suggest, gain powers based on energy or the elements. They rarely get physical signs of their power but often times show them physically while it’s in use. Many environmental groups have turned to Energy Inversions in an effort to save the planet. However, some are concerned an unskilled Inversion doing this could cause more harm than good.

Psychic Inversions use their mental powers to varying levels of effectiveness. Some can communicate through thoughts, others can assault the minds of others, and the most powerful can create Astral Manifestations. Often considered the most dangerous type of Inversion, they are the only type of Inversion that has a specific branch of Anti-Inversion technology dedicated to them.

Physical Inversions get powers based on strictly physical abilities. Ones that have altered their body and doesn’t grant any sort of energy or psychic based abilities. Super Strength, Regeneration, Intelligence, and Underwater Breathing are just a few examples. While simple, these Inversions have been the most controversial in sports. Sparking a debate between whether their natural born abilities count as breaking the rules or if they should be kept in their own division.

Universal Inversions are the unique group that gets a number of powers that cross the three previously mentioned categories. These oftentimes break normal conventions by giving someone totally unrelated powers. Such as a psychic who can also control the weather or an Inversion with genius-level intellect who can also fly with bird wings. They are currently the rarest group and the one with the most dedicated research.

The Singularities are the events that create the Inversions. While we don’t know what caused the original Singularity, we know that outside of a single instance they happen once every twenty years. On this day, if you were alive on Earth, there is a chance you could become an Inversion. There are, unfortunately, no known correlations between those given powers and not. Why certain family members gain powers and others don’t or if they do the powers are vastly different in nature.

As a whole, both the Inversions and the Singularities are a mystery that has yet to be fully uncovered in eighty years. Maybe it won’t be up to Humans to discover the answer but the Inversions themselves? Then by understanding their own past, they can create a new future where both Humans and Inversions live in tandem.

From, Wataru Modo

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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