Happy Pride Month!

Ahoy-hoy all and Happy Pride Month! Come a long way but we got our own month so it’s time to make it fabulous (I promise that is the first and last time I say it). At the very least it should be a fun time for anyone who can celebrate it in the LGBTQ or knows someone who can.

Like many people, I wasn’t a huge fan of our portrayal in things being huge stereotypes…90% of the time. But in recent years it has gotten immensely better. Naturally, I too have made characters in the LGBTQ who are (in my opinion at least) treated as normal people with the orientation being secondary or a fun fact that wouldn’t dominate their characterization. So to celebrate Pride Month I’m jumping ahead of their planned reveal (if it was gonna be directly revealed) and just confirm the currently appearing LGBQ characters and some fun facts about em. So let’s-a go!

The First World

Jedda Reinhold & Eugene Barton (gay)

  • Who better to start up then the flagship couple of Geist Wars. From their very first appearance, I try to reference it and give clues. The one bedroom, the way they interacted together, and you know…the fact Jedda was naked the whole first scene. You can guess what I was trying to imply what happened the night before. But enough smut, both are super soldier members of the Guardian Corps with Eugene also being a Hegel capable of using a Geist. Jedda is the Shield to Eugene’s Sword and both are a capable couple both on and off the battlefield.

Gen Yun (bi)

  • The star of Geist Wars final chapter, Gen Yun plays for both teams. A Hegel and monk in training, Gen Yun focuses more on protecting his friends and adopted son than his personal life.

World of Sages

Kane the Brave & Danforth the Benevolent (gay)

  • A married couple from Notes of Roanoke, they only appeared briefly in the story and may be elaborated on later. Kane the Brave, as the name suggests, was courageous and a proud Aizr Warrior. Danforth the Benevolent was a Nomad and would often join him in battle. As the Sages of Fire and Air respectively, both were far from pushovers.

Ly’ Jug the Merciful (gay)

  • This time going for a newbie, Ly’ Jug the Merciful, who first appeared in the latest Aetherius Saga Stormraiders. The Werewolf Sage of Ice is quiet about much of his personal life. A Diplomat above all else, he prefers the peaceful alternative to the combative one. But look out when he starts to bare his fangs, he may be nice but he’s still a werewolf.

Jon the Compassionate (gay)

  • The literal newest character introduced, Jon the Compassionate is the Sage of Water and a hermit. For him, compared to others on the list, it’s more of an important character point. But you’ll have to keep reading to find out about that. Only fun fact for him is good ol’ Sixth Saint Masamune did concept art for him so here ya go!


Jon 2
Art courtesy of Sixth Saint Masamune ❤


  • His clothes was modeled after Greco-Roman tunics and is the style worn commonly by Highlanders. Although naturally his unique outfit was made just for him. He’s also one of my few main characters who actually needs to wear glasses just to see properly.

Cursed World

Henry “Hal” Sharp/Black Ice (bi)

  • This is one of the cases where I was actually going to have a bit of a dramatic reveal but decided to spoil it early for Pride Month. Hal plays for both teams and the next chapter was going to reveal his roommate/possible partner because I haven’t fully committed to which he’d be. They were going to have a good relationship to contrast the strained relationship between Kessler & Elle. Also, expect him to make a joke about being bi and his superhero initials are also “BI”.Once you go Black Ice you don’t go back as they say (Promise I’ll never say that again)

Jun Naegi/Reflex (lesbian)

  • In a surprise twist, Jun is a lesbian although she’d never openly say any of this to her fellow Inhibitors. After all, she’s all business so it would likely never come up in conversation.

That’s it for the list so far. I do have numerous others planned, some more subtle, some direct, and some currently existing characters haven’t been decided yet and might join the LGBTQ. But hopefully you enjoy the representatives I already have and will be willing to see more in the future! Happy Pride Month all!

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