BI SWAT #5: Attack on RajTEK pt.1

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Previously on Blessed Inversion SWAT…
Having escaped death at the hands of his former student, the Inhibitor Mentalist, Steven Kessler returns home. When his investigation into Acel-Corp goes awry, SWAT-Spider finds himself the prisoner of the crime lord Biohazard and being tortured unrelentingly…

Raja Eishner

-RajTEK CEO. Technopathy


-Gangster. Atmokinesis

Doctor Khonshu/Kreon Galanis
-RajTEK R&D. Worried


-Gangster. Unknown power

Barry Stein

-RajTEK Chef. Nice guy


-Gangster. Unknown power

-Gangster. Unknown power

Doctor Khonshu sat anxiously at his lab table and stares at his projects waiting to be completed. He hadn’t heard from Steven since he went silent and he was beginning to feel somewhat responsible.

“Hey, Doctor K.” Raja says breaking his focus.

“I DID NOTHING WRONG!” Doctor Khonshu blurts out defensively. “I mean, yes?”

“Kreon…what did you do?”

“Absolutely nothing. On a totally unrelated note have you seen or heard from Kessler the last few days? He’s a poor co-worker for just up and leaving us like this.” he chastises.

“That’s actually what I was gonna ask you about.”

“Shit.” they say in unison.

“He’s a big boy I’m sure he can handle himself. Maybe he’s just taking a mini-vacation.” Doctor Khonshu tries to give the situation a positive spin.

“I hope you’re right.”

The calm day is ruined by an ominous thunderclouds approach. Turning the sunny day into an unexpected stormy one. It’s further ruined when the lightning bolts begin to strike the side of the building. One of which destroys the front door. A massive bolt strikes Raja and Doctor Khonshu’s office and destroys the windows with ease. The gale winds blowing the glass shards across the room like blades. Forecast now floated in the air before them with the sky raging around him.

“Mr. Eishner, I’d like to schedule a meeting with you.” Forecast grins with static and wind surrounding his body.

“Raja, get downstairs.” Doctor Khonshu says putting on the Khonshu Drive.

“What? I’m not leaving you!”

“Yeah, he’s the one I want anyway.” Forecast boasts firing a bolt of lightning at Doctor Khonshu only for it to get deflected to his surprise.

“Raja, get downstairs and let me deal with the riff-raff.” Doctor Khonshu orders confidently as Raja leaves. “Now who the devil are you supposed to be?”

“Forecast; and I got business to take care of so if you wouldn’t mind dying I’d really appreciate it.” he rains down a barrage of lightning bolts that destroy the office.

“Oh dear…” Doctor Khonshu sighs as the smoke clears. His office now ruined. Years of memories and work all gone in an instant. “Do you know how long I’ve been working on these things?”

“So you’re an Inversion too huh? That’ll make this more fun.” Forecast lands on the floor gently.

“Yes but I’ll tell you now it’s nothing as flashy as atmokinesis. I’m just a genius. One of the smartest men in the world and damn proud of it. These gauntlets?” Doctor Khonshu raises his right arm and admires it. “The Khonshu Drive is one of my own design. I based it on Inversions. It can control the distribution of mass and energy between any number of objects simultaneously.”

“The hell are you talking about?” he asks confused.

“I forgot how small your minds are.” Doctor Khonshu sighs before pointing his right hand at Forecast. “To put it in layman’s terms…” the palm of the Khonshu Drives glow before it pulls Forecast towards it. Closing his palm and raising his left hand sends Forecast into the ceiling and thrusting it downward slams him into the floor. “I made gravity my bitch. Which means you’re my bitch.” he pulls his arms back to defend himself, creating a barrier to stop a barrage of ice shards that flew in from outside.

The distraction gave Forecast enough time to regain his composure and put distance between the pair. “I ain’t no one’s bitch!” he fumes sending every ounce of lightning and ice he can at Doctor Khonshu. All he does is cross his arms and lift a single finger to create a barrier and defend himself.

“You’re right.” Doctor Khonshu lifts his right index finger which sends a destroyed table flying into Forecast and knocking him to the floor. Pointing his hands at the ground he floats over to the downed criminal. “A bitch would put up more of a fight than you did.”

Taking a step back from Doctor Khonshu’s sound victory to a few minutes before the attack; the lobby of RajTEK was as normal as ever. Carol Harrison, the security guard, sat at the front desk greeting any who entered. Despite her head and hands constantly emitting smoke she’d welcome them with open arms. If they weren’t suspicious anyway. When Forecasts lightning blew a hole in the front door she was the first to act.

“Is everyone okay?” she calls out. Thankfully nobody was near the door at the time. “Hello?” she asks seeing two figures approaching from the smoke.

The figures remain silent as they continue their march through the smoke. The near identical white hazmat suits they wore could only be differentiated by the masks. Both had opaque visors to hide the wearer within but while one had a ventilated mask, the other had a retractable mouth guard. The Hazmat with the mouth guard says something in German to his partner who takes a deep breath and exhales a purple smoke. It spreads through the lobby quickly and the people caught in its path quickly fall over choking on their own blood. The twins, Tox and Ace, weren’t wasting any time.

“Head to the back!” Carol shouts to the remaining survivors. Tox sees this and motions to Ace. He retracts his mouth guard with a nod and breathes a stream of acid at her. “Oh crap.” she curses to herself. She couldn’t see the floor melting in front of her but she could hear and smell it.

<“Hahahaha! This is sad.”> Tox laughs to his brother.

*Anything in brackets for this issue is being said in German.

<“Let’s hurry up with our part. Can’t stand letting Forecast feel good about himself.”> Ace hisses.

The twins are interrupted when Tox is tackled by someone running headfirst through the toxic smog. He carries him without slowing and drops him outside on the sidewalk. Despite the lightning strikes from earlier the battle had attracted onlookers. Many of which were witnessing their first super powered battle.

“Ouch, really shoulda thought that through.” Barry says to himself as he slowly stands up. He just acted without thinking to help his friends.

<“You’re gonna pay for that!”> Tox thrashes as he tries to get up as fast as possible. The moment he does he breaths out a toxic smog at Barry who doesn’t flinch.

“Yeah, that’s not gonna work.” Toxin immunity was one of the abilities Barry gained when he became an Inversion. This made him the perfect person to fight Tox. “I don’t want to fight you but I swear to god I will kick your ass if I have to.”

Normally, if Tox came up against someone he couldn’t beat he’d immediately call for Ace to assist him. But today he had a plan and just had to wait. Glancing at a nearby rooftop briefly in hopes that Pulse was waiting there as she should. “You can try.” Taking a deep breath, Tox breaths out a smog of poison behind him at the onlookers.

“Dick move!” Barry responds using his second ability, florakinesis. Raising his hands upward he creates a wall of thick vines to block the smog before it can reach the crowd. “The next thing you’re going to say is; you think that’ll stop me?”

<“You think that’ll stop me?!”> Tox yells back slipping into German again. “Wait, how did…” he gasps in shock.

“That’s easy.” Barry begins as vines begin to wrap around and trap Tox as he struggles to no avail. “It’s because I’m awesome.” Before Barry can enjoy his moment of triumph, a beam of energy flies down from the rooftop and pierces through his vines. Freeing Tox from his floral prison. “Well fuck.”

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