Lost & Forgotten Soul

My name is Thanatos. I was once the living embodiment of Death. I overcame the other challengers to the title and reigned unopposed.  But then…they came…I still don’t know where they came from only that there were four. They claimed to be the Four Horsemen of War, Famine, and Pestilence. As if to challenge me, the final Horsemen claimed to be Death. I didn’t care who these would-be usurpers were and went to battle…And I failed. I died in battle…yet I came back to life. Now I’m stuck reliving my life over and over. Each time ending the same way; with me facing the Four Horsemen, falling in battle, and it starting anew. They called it Eternal Return. I don’t care how many times I succumb to Eternal Return, I’ll find a way to defeat the Four Horsemen and break the cycle.

“I’m curious how long the subject can keep this up.” a voice thinks aloud to itself. It’s body a pale white, his face was hollow and skull-like. Yet the boney appearance was still fully capable of emoting. Its thin frame had excessive amounts of extra skin that wrapped around its body like a long coat. Its legs stood on bladelike daggers and its fingers long with nails like daggers. It had the air of an unholy scientist. It gazed intently into a clear orb held in its claws with two beady black eyes.

My name is Thanatos, and I continue to fight Eternal Return.  But I’ve made no progress. I’ve tried fighting them alone, I’ve tried rallying the other contenders for Death, and I’ve tried letting them fight for me and cleaning up the aftermath. But the ending is always the same. Even if we kill all Four I’ve yet to survive the injuries I sustain. I’m beginning to question if this is an impossible task. No, if I give up then I lose to whoever started this damned loop. I am the one who won the title of Death and I won’t bend to anyone else’s will!

“Interesting…” it’s voice lifeless and disinterested. “The subject continues to maintain their memories despite Eternal Return resetting reality. I’ve only seen subjects who possessed time manipulation abilities be able to perform this feat. Yet the demi-god does so unknowingly. I must know more…”

I can no longer remember my name. All I remember is fighting. Endless fighting against the same four people. Losing and being reset over and over and over again. Why am I fighting? What was I trying to achieve doing this? No matter how many of the four I’ve killed it resets regardless. Perhaps this is hell and I’m being punished for something I did many cycles ago. If I no longer resist will that grant me freedom?

“Subject no longer possesses proper memories…” the Angel known only as Indigator Antiquis says to itself while dragging its claws slowly against the glass orb. “What to do…what to do…I salvaged this world from oblivion, trapped it within a pocket dimension, and yet for the information I learned it’s nothing I desire. Demigods appear to have a level of resistance to the effects of Eternal Return but the cycle itself remains, as of now, unbreakable. Only the Rift King and Queen, as well as myself, seem to possess any interest in this useless world. Not even the Avatars, Iblis, or the other Angels stop to glance at it. Perhaps it’s beneath their time. Why care for the World where people fight to become Death when we know of the Reapers and Valkyries?” Indigator stops dragging its claw on the clear orb and thinks. The orb begins to float as magic sigils spawn over each of its claws. The orb shifting from a clear into an inky black with shimmering splashes of rainbows colors. “But this is fortuitous for me. With Eternal Return still in effect, I can do as I wish without worrying about clean up.” with a sinister grin, Indigator Antiquis releases the orb so it’s suspended in a magical prison. “Let’s begin the new wave of testing shall we?”

With nothing in his way, Indigator Antiquis could do all manners of unspeakable tests to the unsuspecting World in his possession. With it still being subject to Eternal Return, it’d just reset and any who questioned it would be none the wiser. Only one within the World that could’ve stopped it mind was now broken. Nobody outside of the World knew of it or cared if they did. Now an entire universe was the ideal testing ground for a Mad Angel and there was nothing to stop it…

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