Crossover Event Update 7-30-2017

With the latest Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter released, it’s time to give a bit of a brief update since I haven’t in some time. Let’s a-go!

Rise of the Pheromaster Crossover Event

  • You read that right, Blessed Inversion is getting its first Crossover Event. Pheromaster is finally making his move and will mark the end of the first overarching storyline in the Cursed World. Naturally, the series involved are as follows
    • Blessed Inversion Golden Age
    • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors
    • Blessed Inversion SWAT

Handling Crossover Events

  • As you can guess, this won’t be the last Crossover Event done. Especially in the Cursed World. So there are a few things I want to note about how they’ll be going forward (unless something suddenly comes up to make me change my mind)
    • Crossover Events will NOT start in the middle of an active storyline event unless it’s intentional. Example: Rise of the Pheromaster didn’t just randomly start during the Attack on RajTEK two part mini-crossover.
    • Crossover Events will start chronologically when they should so that there isn’t sudden awkward continuity snarl between the involved series.
    • The series involved WILL NOT be releasing new chapters while their Crossover Event goes on. No having to read Golden Age Chapter 8, then Inhibitors Chapter 14, then SWAT Chapter 22, then *Crossover Event Chapter 1*, then repeating in a hellishly confusing order that gets convoluted the further in the future you go. When it starts, you’ll only have to read the Crossover Events Chapters to get the full story. After the Crossover Event ends, they’ll be restarted.

Front Page Events Tab

  • A simple quality of life update. On the front page in the Series Guide Tab if you go to the Full Cursed World Guide there is a section labeled “Events” which is where all the Crossover Events for that universe will be kept. HOWEVER, they will also be found in chronological order in the Full Cursed World Guide. As such, the final chapters before the crossover event will have the next issue selection lead you directly to that Event instead of their standard next chapter

That’s all for this Update, get hype and enjoy the teaser image for Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster!

Rise of the Pheromaster Emblem (Text Black)

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