BI Soul #0- Nightmare

It’s the same dream I’ve had the last two weeks. I’m floating through darkness. I can’t even feel or see my own hands in front of me. The only thing I can see is a strange pale white monster. Its face was hollow and looked like a skull, it’s skin long and wrapped around its body like a coat. Legs and fingers like daggers. It was always holding a clear orb in its claws…Two unholy beady black eyes looking at it with a disturbing grin. I try not to say or do anything as it does…whatever it does…But this time I draw its attention and it speaks.

“Hryn’spg dybn byjd?” I have no idea what it says. Its voice was high pitched like a siren. The way its face emotes creeps me out. Like it was surprised I was there. “Syk qeq lyj zpn spgp?” It walks towards me on a ground I can’t see. Each step sounding like a knife stabbing a metal floor. It’s body upright and arms held behind its back like some horrific scientist. It reaches for me and holds my face with its right hand. It’s skin cold and damp…its nails cutting me as it rubs the side of my cheek. It’s the worst pain I’ve ever felt but no blood comes. I want to pull back but seeing its face so close…it’s hollow lifeless face paralyzed me with fear. It’s squinted black eyes looking at me less as a person and more like a piece of meat… “H’s…lyj hg’prn gphddl spgp…hgp lyj?” Its eyes widen and a grin grows across its face. The skin on its mouth extended to wherever its ears should’ve been. The teeth that filled its skull just as sharp as its nails and legs. “Kedd lyj op yrp yw cl bjoxpanb?” It tilted its head and put both arms behind its back once more.

“Please, just leave me alone.” I try to plead but no words leave my mouth.

“Qy lyj jrqpg’bnhrq cp?” It asked. When I can’t respond it just frowns at me. “Qebbhvyernerz…” It’s tone deep like Satan himself.

Before it can do anything a blinding light shines through the darkness. The creature cries in pain and I run as fast as I can. I don’t even try to understand what it says while I escape. But when the light dies out I can hear something. Words whispering in the back of my mind.


“Why do you run?”

“No escape.”

“Stay with us.”

“Live forever.”

The voices become overwhelming as they multiply. Even my thoughts are drowned out by them and I can see them. Eyes everywhere glowing in the blackness…steadily getting closer.

“Do not run child…”

“Must consume…”

“For Iblis.”


“Snuff the light.”

“Make him float…”

“Only darkness…”

“Find the breach.”


“All will be well.” The last voice was the only one that sounded human. It…but it didn’t comfort me. Next thing I know, I wake up kicking in a cold sweat. My heart racing like a jackhammer so much it hurts. I try to catch my breath as I wake up the man lying next to me.

“What’s wrong, Jey?” Hal asks turning his skin into ice, sitting up quickly ready for a fight.

“I…I had a nightmare.” I hunch forward with my arms on my knees and head hung low between them.

“Again?” he asks returning to normal. His dark skin blended in with the darkness of our room but his blue eyes remained clear and visible. “It’s okay.” he slides towards me and holds me tight. “It was just a bad dream. And if it isn’t, I’ll just kick who ever’s ass it is I need to kick. Okay”


In his own World, Hal was the hero known as Black Ice. An Inversion with the power of cryokinesis. He’s helped save the world and wasn’t afraid to defend his friends, especially one he loved. But in a World beyond Worlds his name and title meant nothing. To the Mad Angel who observed and tortured Worlds for only reasons it could fathom, he was nothing. Before now they had his curiosity…but now that they have his attention it’s only a matter of time before they suffer the same fate as countless Worlds before them…

“Let’s begin the first wave of testing shall we?”


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