Blog Update 10-18-2017

It’s that time again for a site update so let’s skip the gibber jabber and get on with it.

New Series Posted

  • Black Valkyrie & Center of Crisis have officially made their debuts. Hopefully, you guys like em cause I plan to keep them both going a while.

Series Guide Update

  • With the new Season begun I took it upon me to streamline the series guide section. Rather than having them broken up by Universe then further down by series, I’ve reduced it to just the logos and a link directly to their individual chapter lists. So do check it out!

Universe Series

  • Looking over my writing, series planned, and reading comics I realized I can streamline this all. I don’t need to have a ton of Blessed Inversions or Aetherius Sagas when I can cover a bunch in a single title. On the horizon will be Blessed Inversion Universe and Aetherius Saga Universe! So what does this mean for the existing series? Well, they’ll continue but I’ll be putting the other series I had in mind into these. So with that said here’s a brief summarization
    • Cursed World
      • Unaffected
        • Blessed Inversion Golden Age
        • Blessed Inversion SWAT
        • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors
        • Blessed Inversion Soul
        • All future Crossovers
      • Merged into Blessed Inversion Universe
        • Blessed Inversion Metanoke
    • World of Sages
      • Unaffected
        • Aetherius Saga
      • Merged into Aetherius Saga Universe
        • Aetherius Saga Stormraiders
          • NOTE: This will continue until it’s natural conclusion as planned but any future ideas I get beyond that point will be part of Aetherius Saga Universe
        • Aetherius Saga Eternals
  • As always, here’s a preview just for you all




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Character Profile Updates

  • Remember how I updated Black Ice’s profile? Yeah I’ve finally begun rolling out those updates alongside new ones so here’s the rundown for those updated
    • Gabriel Kessler
    • Henry “Hal” Sharp
    • Steven Kessler

That’s it for now. Be sure to check in tomorrow for another chapter update!

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