BI Soul #2: The World pt.2

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Previously on Blessed Inversion Soul…
Jey Connors has been suffering from a reoccurring nightmare involving a monster of unknown origins. In an attempt to ease his mind and make up for disappearing the day prior, his boyfriend Hal Sharp, better known as the hero Black Ice, joins him to his job. However, shortly after arrival Jey finds himself transported to a mysterious cove. His body made of energy that matched the energy flowing through the sky. There a woman named Sylvanus introduces herself and claims together they’ll save the World…from Hal…

Jey Connors

Pro-Gamer, new Inversion


Mysterious Spirit

Henry “Hal” Sharp/Black Ice

Superhero & boyfriend

“Save the world from Hal? I don’t know who you are but you really don’t know him.” Jey frowns at the accusation.

“Please, I need you to hear me out.” Sylvanus requests.

“I have no idea where I am so I don’t really have a choice.” he crosses his arms and keeps his eyes focused on Sylvanus. She brought him here which meant she was an Inversion and he, quite frankly, had no means or idea how to handle her. Especially when he had no knowledge of her power set.

“Thank you, if you would mind sitting. We have much to discuss.” she says summoning a crystal chair as the cove transforms into the inside of a crystal tower. The same crystals that made the chair floated through the air, others spiraled upward like a staircase to the heavens, and others down into the base. Both seemingly going to endless lengths. She waits for Jey the hesitantly sit down. Despite being crystal, the chairs were surprisingly soft and comfortable to their bare skin. “I shall try to make this all as easy for you to understand as possible. I am not an Inversion.”

“Uh huh…” Jey replies in disbelief.

“Perhaps it would be easier to explain what I am another way. You’ve been having nightmares of a pale monster with nails like blades and a voice shrill like a siren. It speaks in an unholy tongue and observes a glass orb correct?”

“How did you know?” Not even Hal knew the specifics of the creature that plagued his nightmares. Yet she was able to describe it just as he remembered it with ease.

“I may not be an Inversion, but you are Jey. You’ve been Astral Projecting in your sleep. It’s how I found you…much like you found it…” her expression now considerably more serious to match her tone shift.

“I have super powers?!” he jumps to his feet with eyes wide. “Wait, what does Astral Projection do?”

“It allows you to send your spirit to where we are now. The Astral Plane, one of the four realms between all Worlds. Here we exist where magic is strong and flowing free. A gift left by the Sages who perished along with the final Pillar. Valhalla is the realm of the Valkyries where the pure go upon their deaths while Aaru is it’s parallel. For you, they’d be the same as heaven and hell.”*

*Learn more about Valhalla & Aaru in Black Valkyrie

“I am having so much information thrown at me today…” Jey sits back down and tries to process this latest batch of information. “So where is that…thing from my nightmares? Aaru?”

“No…it hails from a far darker realm. A realm beyond our reality…The Rift. There the Angels remain, for the most part, sealed away. The rest of reality safe from their corruption.”

“That’s an Angel? But don’t Angels have halos, white feathers, and sit on fluffy clouds?”

“If only it were so…I do not know the entirety of the story but I will share what I do know. In the beginning, there were two deities. The Deity of Creation Qarin and its opposite, the Deity of Destruction Marid. Both wanted to rule but neither could usurp the other. So, they created a compromise. Together they would make a single perfect being in their image and watch as they created and spread throughout the empty void. Creating or destroying as it saw fit…But they were disgusted and horrified by their child. Not even seconds alive before it was banished into a void they made apart from all reality, the Rift.”

“The first Angel?”

“No, a god. I don’t know what happened inside the Rift but it began to spread. When it opened, the creature had changed…it called itself the God of Chaos Iblis and that the Angels were its creation. At first, the Sage of Light sacrificed himself to erect a pillar that’d seal the Rift once more.* But it was temporary…His successors tried the same method and for a time it was successful. But now the Astral Plane is all that remains of the last Pillar. A final bastion against the Angels should the other realms fall.”

*Learn more details in Notes of Roanoke

“I think I get it. I’m an Inversion, all religions are wrong, and right now I’m in the safe zone against a fucked up interpretation of what an Angel is. But what does this have to do with me or Hal for that matter?”

“You are a rare individual even by Inversion standards. Your power is not just Astral Projection but Soul Magic. A power that only three individuals in all of reality can possess at any one time. I have gifted you with it myself.”

“Please tell me you’re not an Angel.”

“I’m not an Angel, but it is…complicated to explain what I am. Just know that I am on your side.”

“Yet, you want me to help you take down my boyfriend with only a vague idea who or what you are.” Jey sasses back at her.

“You don’t understand. I exist outside of the confines of your Worlds laws. I’ve seen what awaits in the future, countless futures that have come about or will. Out of all the timelines where Henry hasn’t died, this is the only one where he has yet to fall to darkness. I need your help to save him before he gets to that point.”

“Why didn’t you say it that way in the first place instead of making me think you wanted me to murder him?”

“I did not say I wanted you to murder him. You merely assumed I did.”

“I guess I did do that.” Jey thought to himself. “So what exactly do you want me to do?”

“I need your help safeguarding this world from the Angels and any being displaced thanks to the Rift. The Angels corrupt whatever they touch and those who traveled across the Rift leave the same trail. Whether they intended to or not they are just doing the Angels work for them. If you are able to stop them before their corruption can spread then maybe we can save him.”

“If it’s for him, I won’t fail.” Jey says with an almost uncharacteristic amount of determination. He could get used to being free of anxiety.

Sylvanus smiles at the display. “I’m glad you feel that way, it’s why I chose you to receive my gift.” she stands and continues speaking. “Now we shall begin your training.”

“Not until after I tell Hal.”

“I would advise against that. We don’t know how he’ll respond to the accusation.”

“Well we don’t keep secrets so I’m not gonna start now.” he pauses and realizes he had a very important question he needed to ask. “Wait, if my spirit is here then where’s my body?”

“Right now unconscious with Henry.”

“Oh my god…” he puts his hands over his face and begins to pace. “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner? What am I supposed to tell him? He’s probably worried sick!”

“My apologies, you were safe so the thought never crossed my path.”

“Just…send me home.”

“As you wish Jey. I’m sorry for any undue stress I have given you. Until we next meet.” she apologizes with a small bow. In a flash of light, she returns Jey to his body that lay resting on in the living room of Team Moon Fox’s building where Hal sat with him.

“Hal?” Jey sits up as his spirit returns to his body.

“Thank your god!” Hal exclaims as he bear hugs Jey.

“I’m sorry for worrying you.” his anxiety returns to him like an uncontrollable wave. “How long was I out?”

“Like five minutes. What happened to you?”

< What are you gonna tell him? If he really does go evil then telling him could be the trigger. But lying to him could be the trigger too. >

“It’s a long story for when work is done.”

“You sure about this?”


Much to his relief, the rest of the day went as it normally would for Jey. He and his team played practice matches against another branch of Team Moon Fox in the area. They were more than capable of succeeding in Capture the Flag but the Invasion matches left much to be desired. A fact Julie wouldn’t let any of them forget. Hal’s attention was split between focusing on Jey’s monitor and Jey himself. He had no idea why he suddenly passed out and wasn’t sure the next time it might happen. His hand constantly next to his pocket in case he needed to call Doctor Khonshu for assistance. Hal had no idea if he was an actual doctor but he kept him on speed dial regardless.

During their first break, Jey introduces Hal to the rest of his teammates. Jared “Marvelous” Elfman was the Tank for the team and the closest to an actual leader and shot caller despite what Julie would like to believe. His skin tone was slightly darker than Hal’s and he had a considerably more muscular frame. One would wonder why he wasn’t in a more physical sport at first sight. Julie “Spear” Kossack was the flex player who’d switch between being Damage or the Tank as needed. Perhaps that’s what gave her a sense of entitlement that’d let her take over for shot-caller. Her younger sister, Janna “Dee”, was almost the opposite in personality and look. She was carefree and perpetually relaxed. Though at times this annoyed her teammates to no ends when she should be more focused. Cory “Villain” Reece was another flex player, though he’d switch between the Specialist who’d drive vehicles and affect the battlefield or the second support. He looked fairly similar to Hal although he was an inch shorter and talked far less. He spent more time trying to distance himself from Julie than anything else. Eyoel “Negus” Andrews stood at a tall 6’1 making him only an inch shorter than Jared. He had an average frame and was the exclusive Flex player on the team and would pick whatever was needed at the time. He believed in closely following the meta for quick guaranteed wins. Something he’d, at times, get into arguments with his teammates about. Bok Eon-Young and Bok Jeon, better known as Shock & Awe, were another pair of siblings on Team Moon Fox from Korea. Eon-Young had smooth short black hair while Jeon had spiked platinum blond hair. They primarily played during the Invasion matches or objective based games like Capture the Flag. Both were exceedingly friendly and made sure to make Hal felt welcome. Even the Coach Eckhart was welcoming, he believed in the team’s somewhat unorthodox methods and didn’t mind Hal’s presence. In fact, he praised him. With Hal around Jey seemed to play better than normal. Though he did chastise Jey for springing the visit on them without asking first. Hours later when it was finally nighttime, Jey and Hal said their goodbyes and returned home.

“See, that wasn’t so bad.” Hal smiles as he kicks off his shoes and jumps onto the living room couch. Worrying about Jey was far more taxing for him than fighting Cinder.

“Yeah, I guess not.” Jey responds lowly. His mind focused on his conversation with Sylvanus.

“What’s wrong? You’re doing the serious Jey face.”


< Tell him the truth. It’s the right thing to do. But if you do what if you make that bad future happen? What if this is the moment that decides everything? What if it’s the wrong choice? >

“I have something to tell you. Well, I have a lot to tell you…”

“What’s up?” Hal sits up to give Jey his attention.

“I’m an Inversion. I didn’t pass out earlier, I Astral Projected. I can apparently do Soul Magic, some weird spirit thing wants me to stop those monsters I’ve been having nightmares about. But it turns out those were real because I was astral projecting in my sleep, they’re called Angels because of a whole other long story, and out of all the possible timelines, this is the only one where you haven’t gone supervillain. So she wants me to keep you from going evil too.” Jey blurts out across two long breaths. Hal’s face just lights up like a Christmas tree.

“You have superpowers!? That’s so awesome!” he jumps to his feet. “Can you show me?”

“Uh…I don’t actually know how to do anything. I got mad at that spirit lady Sylvanus and she sent me back after I found out she let me just pass out like that. She said she was gonna train me but I was kinda hoping you could.”

“Hmm…I could teach you but I think I have a better idea. I’m gonna call one of my friends and see if he can help. He’s had his powers since he was a like…13.”

“Oh wow. That works out great then.”

“Oooo, this is so exciting!” Hal says giddily.

“You aren’t worried or the other stuff?” Jey asks concerned about how easily Hal sidestepped the negative parts of his summarization.

“I mean, I am a little.” Hal sighs and sits on the arm of the couch. “I don’t know what these Angels can do or who this Sylvanus lady is. It’s hard enough to hide our relationship but now you gotta hide your powers too. Well, for now anyway. Honestly, a lot of it kinda flew over my head but I do know one thing.” he grabs Jeys hand. “As long as we’re together I’m never going all supervillain and I’ll be here to help you every step of the way however I can.”

“Thanks, Hal.” Jey replies hugging Hal. Causing them to fall back onto the couch seat.

“You know what this means right?”

“I think I do.” Jey looks up to Hal.

“We need to get you a costume and a name.”

“That’s…not what I was thinking…” Jey sighs while resting his head on Hal’s chest.

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