eSports Guide to Guardians Corps

Blessed Inversion Soul Emblem

So you want to be a pro at Guardian Corps? Well Rookie, prepare for the crash course. Guardian Corps is a Team Objective Shooter Game on the PC. If you’re watching this you probably already knew that. But what you might not know is what you’re fighting for.


There’s a lot of ground to cover so I’ll make this as quick and painless as possible. In the year 5,743, we’ve had an age of peace across the galaxy thanks to the Guardian Corps. We’re a peacekeeping organization with elite members of all the major species. My two brothers and I were born on the Space Colony Poluyim to General Kana Ozak. We were all prodigies in our own right and we each rose through the ranks. I became a general, my younger brother Tsuyasu became a test subject in Project: LOKI, and our youngest brother Xiao became a subject in Project: THOR. Both of them became super soldiers and together we couldn’t be stopped. Until Tsuyasu betrayed us and took Xiao with him as a hostage. Now he’s leading the Militia in a bloody campaign against us. I don’t know why Tsuyasu did this or even if Xiao is still alive…But he can’t keep killing people or waging a pointless war. I, General Char Ozak, will find and stop him at any cost. I hope I can count on your assistance.

The Basics

Okay Rookie, we’re gonna start from the ground up. On the battlefield, your elite squad can consist of up to 6 members, 8 depending on the mission type. You’ll be leading the charge against the enemy elite squad. But they won’t be all you have to deal with. The enemy will have their own grunts ready to battle alongside them. Don’t worry, you’ll have your own backup and even if you’re forced to retire we have reserves.  Your job is to make sure either we complete the mission objective or get rid of all their reserves. If they can’t get reinforcements back, then they’ll have to retreat. But the same applies to us. The Guardian Corps doesn’t like losing more lives than necessary. When our reserves are gone, I’m calling a full retreat. And don’t forget, different missions get a different amount of reinforcements. So don’t get cocky and waste lives pointlessly.

When you’re deployed your squad can consist of 5 different types of soldiers. Tanks are the leaders, they’re our toughest and most durable soldiers. But they aren’t exactly the fastest. With that in mind, they come prepared with defensive gear sets and ways to stall or stop the enemy entirely. You need a shield, they’re your people. Our Damage Soldiers are self-explanatory. They dish out the hurt in quick bursts or sometimes slowly over time. Different situations call for different tactics. Specialists are…unique to say the least. With their special tools, they’re master of vehicle combat and using onsite objects. Traps, gathering intel, and deception is their forte. But depending on the mission site they could change radically in how effective they are. Next are the Supports, your lifeline on the battlefield. They strengthen and heal allies while some can weaken enemies too. Remember, a Support is meant to keep their allies up and running. It’s not their job to secure the kills. With that in mind, they aren’t exactly best at defending themselves. Be sure to remember that when protecting our Supports or targeting theirs.

There are different damage types based on the weapons you take with you ranging from EMP, to Fire, and of course the standard explosive. On top of this, the different species present on the battlefield are affected by each weapon type differently. I know it sounds confusing at first, but it gets easier in action. As my brother would say; if first you don’t succeed, keep hitting it till it stops moving. Probably should’ve seen him defecting in hindsight…Moving on, vehicles work the same way. Lucky you, there are only five types. Fast speeders for a single person, standard transports that can carry up to four soldiers at once, a good old-fashioned tank, our Aerial Fighters, and of course the MP-EXO Suits. Remember, unless you’re a Specialist all vehicles will work the same.


Battles can get intense and sometimes you need the big guns. Prove yourself worthy and you can get help from one of the Aces. Like the rest of the soldiers, each Ace falls into one of the 4 other combat types. They’re all around better than the standard soldier and have their own gear sets. But they can’t be changed and you’ll have to work with them until they’re forced to retreat. If you ever want to try out working with an Ace, just head over to the Training Room. Remember, knowledge is power.


Right now we have several different types of missions that need completing. In Deathmatch, you’ll have to take out as many enemies as possible. No special bells and whistles, just take ’em out. Capture the Flag might sound like a fun game mode but it isn’t. The “flag”, in this case, is an E.C Crystal, a highly powerful and very dangerous power source in the wrong hands. You and your team will be charged with retaking the E.C Crystals from the enemy base while defending our own. No need for reinforcements this time, just get all E.C Crystals and get out. Finally, our most dangerous missions are Invasions. Those take full Squads of 8 on the largest battlefields. You’ll need to capture multiple points while making your way to the main objective. A massive E.C Crystal which we’ll need to secure. I don’t think I need to tell you how dangerous it is to try and attack someone’s home. The enemy will have the home field advantage and we’re working on a time limit. Securing each point will secure us more time. We run out of time or reinforcements and you’re getting pulled out.

I know the lines blur a lot in battle. We may not be on the same side next time we meet Rookie. But don’t forget, everything is a team effort. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses so experiment and find out what suits you best. There’s no one way to form a Squad. But if that Squad doesn’t work together it won’t matter how good you are or how good your tools are. Oh, and good luck Rookie.

“So…what do you think?” Jey asks turning to Hal as they sat inside the Team Moon Fox house. Hal had shown an interest in Guardian Corps in the past but they just never quite got around to it.

“Oh I zoned out through most of it. That was a ton of information to just get tossed at me at once. I learn better by doing.” Hal shrugs his shoulders apologetically.

“It’s fine…” Jey sighs with head hung low. “At least you tried.”


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