Blog Update 1-2-2018 (Musical Front Page)

So I’m officially monetized and have begun the process of updating the WordPress with the new features. So far, I haven’t found much I’d want to change. I really like what we have so far and feel it’s the simplest and most direct style. But that doesn’t mean we can’t fluff it up a bit.

  • Removals
    • A few things got removed from the front page for one reason or another. They are as follows
      • Quick link to my Twitch- Besides it not having an icon, no real need to advertise it there when the main banner does the same thing
      • Quick link to my Soundcloud- This one got removed because it didn’t have its own icon but also because of the main addition…
      • Other Series merged with Ongoing Series. No reason to keep them separated and take up extra space so I just consolidated.
  • Additions
    • World of Sages Playlist
      • That’s right, rather than just have my music on my Soundcloud I decided to use one of the new features to have a playlist of several tracks I composed for a theoretical Aetherius Saga RPG (this idea might still happen later down the line). So there are several tracks you can enjoy while reading anything on the Worlds of Aeternum!
        • Hymn of the Ancients ~Seven Sages Medley~
        • Compassionate Wind ~Jon’s theme~
        • Just Nature ~Cerise’s theme~
        • Brave Flames ~Taliesin’s theme~
        • Benevolent Sands ~Dellin’s theme~
        • Patient Snowfall ~Ly’ Jug’s theme~
        • Pure Earth ~Satara’s theme~
        • Persistent Quest ~Zam’s theme~
        • Aetherial Haze ~Misty Jungles~
        • Hymn of the Abyss ~Iblis’ Theme~
      • As time goes on more tracks will be added but for now. Enjoy the 10 themes present 😀

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